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It’s gonna be a sticky day

So my morning started well, beautiful sunrise, got up nice and early, actually looking forward to going to work. Then I tried to make breakfast. It started great! I was making butternut squash pancakes with bacon and a cinnamon apple topping and the batter looked beautiful. I poured 3 gorgeous looking pancakes onto the griddle and watched them closely as they cooked for the perfect time to flip. I grabbed my spatula and….stuck. I mean RIDICULOUSLY stuck. Dammit. It was SO stuck that all I could do was literally scootch the batter around the griddle trying to get it to cook and each time it would stick and adhere to the griddle and nothing on the inside would cook. So I moved the uncooked batter around for a few minutes and decided to not worry about it and just eat whatever did cook. On top of that, I forgot completely about the bacon. Heres what it looked like:


Yeah. Doesn’t look much like pancakes does it? It’s like some half-cooked butternut squash mush stuff. The apple topping at least looks great! And to be honest it still tasted wonderful. But I do wish they would have cooked right. I’m obviously not going to bother posting the repcipe (NOT one that I made up, by the way, it was one I found online) since it didn’t seem to work at all. I’d say my griddle sucks but I’ve NEVER had that happen before. So I may have to find a new recipe. Bleh. Now I have to go to work, so I won’t even have a homemade lunch…ah well. I will think long and hard while at work about how I want to make this up to myself at dinner.


Yup, again, I had to get soup at work. I had one cup of Italian Wedding soup and one cup of Broccoli Cheese. Of course once again I didn’t take the Broccoli Cheese picture but I LOVE that bowl! LOOKIT THAT BOWL! I need one.


Indian Buffet!

No, I didn’t take this picture either. I didn’t realize when we went to this amazing new gallery opening at our art museum for memebers that there would be a free Indian buffet! I decided this was dinner. I could have passed it up and went home and made myself something, but I adore Indian food and figured it would be a great way to test myself at buffets. Can I control myself and not overeat? I did amazingly. I had 1 plate of food trying lots of diffrent things (I basically took a little of everything) and my tummy was satisfied and that was it! I was really proud of me! (And it didn’t show on the scale at all the next morning! YAY!)

Morning weigh-in: 123 lbs
Exercise: 6.5 hours at retail job


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