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Yay celebrations!!!

So today my husband and I are sort of having a joint-celebration for our birthdays today. There will be sushi and chocolate cake and pumpkin ale gallore! He is baking me the cake (awwwww) and taking me out to my favorite sushi resturants for dinner. I also got a coupon in my email from a  Mongollian Grill for a free lunch, so maybe if he wants to take me there I’ll get a free lunch out of the deal too. If I don’t post pics of all my meals, its because I forgot to bring my camera out to eat. But for now I can at least post my silly breakfast:


Thats it. Nothing exciting, just a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats cereal with some almond milk. I had a recipe all pulled up from last night for some baked egg and bacon dish, but just wasn’t motivated enough to actually make it being that this is gonna be kind of a “cheat” day of sorts anyway. I’m going to not worry about calories, but also want to not overdo it. I also had some chocolate and tootsie roll pops already this morning, but was able to stop at a reasonable amount. ^_^ Thats actually not an easy task for me, I made myself some coffee so it should tide me over well until possible Mongollian Grill lunch!

I don’t have any pics for the rest of the day…I did end up going to the Mongollian Grill for lunch! I made myself a lamb stir fry with egg noodles, broccoli, potatoes and edamame topped wth an orange ginger sauce with just a little peanut sauce mixed in, a little rosemary and a little cyanne pepper for heat. Its crazy how knowing how to cook makes something like going to a Mongollian Grill SO much better. It was absolutely the best dish I have ever put together at that place. Afterwards, my hubby bought me a Chinese massage. SOOO relaxing! How sweet! For a treat I bought a couple of candy bars I also had in between. Its my birthday celebration! I’m allowed to have a candy bar or 2. ^_^

Then for dinner, we went to sushi. And I got the worst, bad-for-me sushi choices I could make because for the first time in years, I COULD. So I did. I got calamari tempura, spicy tuna and a crab and cream cheese roll that was completely deep-fried. WOW. SO GOOD. I also had a seaweed salad. THEN stopped for a waffle cone at Baskin Robbins! YUM! Then went home, had some pumpkin beer, some shots and a LOT of chocolate cake! What a birthday party!!! Tomorrow I will be extending the celebration a bit by attending a vegetarian Thanksgiving potluck with my brother! I’ll let you know what I eat and will try to get pics!


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  1. bon anniversaire! x
    enjoy this happy day of birthday celebration!

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