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Good morning all! I need to get my eating back on track. While it was fun, I absolutely cannot be eating like that every day. I did it up really simple today for breakfast:

2 eggs and 2 pieces of toast. God my tummy hurts. But I still made myself eat breakfast, just because of this blog. Thanks for helping keep me accoutable all!


Mushroom Spinach and Arugula wrap

Mushrooms cut into chunks
Large handfull of Spinach, hand-torn into pieces
Small handfull of Arugula, hand-torn into pieces
Tomatoes, chopped
Splash of Balsamic Vinegar
Italian seasoning
Feta cheese
Lo-Carb Wrap
S&P to taste

Throw all ingredients (excluding feta cheese) into a pan sprayed with a bit of oil until greens are wilted. Turn off heat and let sit for a minute to let liquids settle into the pan. Strain. Put a little light mayo on your wrap and put spinach mushroom mix into the center. Throw on a little crumbled feta cheese. Done and done. I have to be at work in an hour so this was nice and quick and good to my tummy, which still hurts. P.S. Arugula is kind of amazing.


Yeah this is far prettier than what I actually had hehe. But basically I had 2 cups of Tomato Bisque soup at work. Soup was the perfect thing to put into my hurty tummy, it made it feel warm and comfortable. And I was hurting pretty bad all day, so it helped relax it a bit.

Today was a very simple, low-cal kind of day to balance out my weekend. I had NO desire to eat any junk. I wish I could be in this mindset more often. I like just eating simply. Sometimes I forget how great it is to eat healthy and feel good. But sometimes you need to know what it feels like to be sick so you appreciate feeling good. And I still got in my 3 meals!

Morning weigh-inL 134 lbs (yup, this is what my weekend did to me…)
Exercise: 8 hours at retail job


Comments on: "Normalization" (1)

  1. the blog truly holds one accountable! the author and the reader! i love blogging! glad that you enjoyed today’s servings of nutrition! x

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