Food and weight-maintenence blog for the POST diet girl

The celebration continues…!

…which is a good thing and a bad thing…

I still ate 3 real meals today which was awesome considering I weighed-in at a ridiculous amount this morning. I know it’s a temporary gain and so didn’t punish myself in the morning. In fact, I still went out of my way to eat lots of crazy shit, but the point of this blog is also to make certain I still eat real meals so I don’t replace it with junk. While that WAS acomplished, I still ate really badly. I will happliy admit everything I ate this day.


Thats right kids. I had granola cereal and choco cake for breakfast. I’m still in this mindset where its my celebration and my birthday and I can eat choco cake for breakfast if I want. Well….at least I had cereal…yes yes its granola, which is actually unusually bad for you (high-calorie), but it IS the lowest-fat lowest-calorie granola I could possibly find. So I wouldn’t beat me up too badly for it. If anything, beat me up for my lunch.


Do you know the last time I had a burger? Let alone one with friggin bacon and fried onion things? Years. It’s been years since I’ve really bad a fast-food burger. I wanted a burger (“It’s my birthday, I can eat what I want, yadda yadda yadda…”) so I got one. I also got fries and a coke. I didn’t nearly finish the coke. I also stopped at a bakery and got a small cupcake, an apple fritter and some sort of strawberry pastry thing. I had more money, but luckily was able to stop at that. While it sounds like I’ve gone totally out of control, I WAS able to not buy any candy bars or any other sweets while I went out shopping for fresh fruits and veggies for the next few days. ^_^ So really, I did good.


Golden Corral. It’s my mom’s birthday too this week. So I gave her a call when plans with my brother fell through for the evening and this was where we ended up. I don’t care what anyone says, this place has good food. I like it here. They have little fried giblets. GIBLETS! I love it. So I had 2 plates of food (no salads for this girl today!) and carrot cake, fudge and a cookie for dessert.

Then promptly after stuffing myself, I went dancing. I will take the fact that I was able to dance for 3 hours after eating as a sign that I didn’t OVEReat as when I go on real binges, I eat so much that I can’t even stand up. So I did good. Yes, I ate too much junk in 2 days, but it’s my birthday!!! And it’s my mom’s birthday! AND it’s Thanksgiving! My brother will be hosting Thanksgiving dinner and I still have a coupon for IHop for my birthday, which is actually ON Thanksgiving this year. So I plan on using it. Hey, it’s free! I’m using it dammit! And IHop is one of the few places open on Thanksgiving.

For the next 3 days I will be eating much much much more normally. 3 meals,  no snacks. Definitely no cakes. I’m feeling…sore. My midsection is actually sore and tender to the touch from eating so much in 2 days. My weight is going absolutely insanecrazy (as I will post at the end of these). I need to get my equilibrium back on, my weight back down, and my digestive system back to normal (you should HEAR the noises everything is making down there…ewwwww…). I will have this mostly fixed by Thanksgiving and then after that will have it very fixed by next week.

Morning weigh-in: 131 (thats right, I went up 7 lbs in one day, I understand that’s technically not even possible so I didn’t freak out over it)
Exercise: 3 hours of stompy goth dancing


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