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Sunshine is my friend!

It’s gonna be a kickass day! The sun is out, it’s supposed to be relatively warm, or at least warm enough for me to go on a walk, I’ve got lots of work to keep me occupied, AND I’ve got Thanksgiving Live recorded to watch since I didn’t actually get to watch it live…its the little things that make me happy! And my friggin breakfast was amazing, that always puts me in a great mood!


It looks like mashed sweet potatoes, they almost even smell like mashed sweet potatoes, but brother, THEY AIN’T MASHED SWEET POTATOES!

“Mashed potato” style Parsnips and Carrots with Maple Apple topping

1 Large Parsnip
1 Medium Carrot
Almond Milk
1/8 cup Sugar Free Maple Syrup
1 Apple, cut into slices
A little Butter
1/2 t Cinnamon

Peel and cut the parsnip and carrot into chunks. Steam them for 10 minutes or until soft. While roots are steaming, cut and slice apple and place into a saucepan with a little butter, cinnamon and maple syrup. Let cook until apples are soft. Place steamed root veggies into a blender and blend with milk and a little butter until desired consistency. You may have to keep stoping, scraping the sides and adding more milk to do so. When it gets to a mashed potato-like consistency, plate and top with maple apple mixture.

Oh my god you guys….you guys….this was SO yummy!!! I’m learning about all the ways to make mashed potatoes without potatoes and didn’t even think to use root vegetables until punching it in online since I had them on hand and all. The texture was amazing and the combo of parsnips and carrots was of course friggin awesome. It was such a fresh, easy way to start my already awesome day! I’m hoping lunch can match the amazingness of breakfast! I don’t know what I want yet, so we shall see!

P.S. Just as a fair warning, lunch was good, but not quite as amazing as breakfast…I’m still learning!


Couscous salad with Red Peppers andEggplant in Carrot Sauce with Feta Cheese

Now, obviously I went on a carrot puree spree and tried to make a sauce with carrots, which IS totally possible. But I managed to mess it up a little. It wasn’t bad at all, just not as “saucy” as I would have liked. The couscous ended up soaking up most of the moisture in the sauce, so it was ok, but could have been better. This was basically just red peppers, onions and diced eggplant sauteed for a little while in an oil-sprayed pan. I tossed in an egg for some extra protien. I pureed a large steamed carrot with some diced tomato and a little almond milk and balsamic vinegar. I added it to the pan with some chopped fresh basil and oregano. Then I threw in the cooked couscous and a couple of tablespoons of feta on top. I didn’t bother posting the recipe because I wasn’t certain it was worth posting, but I figured theres enough info in here if someone REALLY wants to try it.


Blueberry Balsamic Pork Stir Fry

4 oz Pork, cubed
1 cup Broccoli
1/3 small Onion, sliced
1 cup Mushrooms, sliced
1/3 c Blueberries
1 clove Garlic, minced
1/2 inch piece Ginger, minced
1/8 cup (plus a couple extra spashes) White Wine
2 T Balsamic Vinegar
1 T Brown Sugar
1 T Evaporated Milk (or heavy cream if you’re not afraid of using it like I am)
1 T Butter
A squirt or 2 of lemon juice
Thyme (I used Marjarom because I had no Thyme)
Nutmeg (I used a mixture of Nutmeg and a little Cardamom for that extra something)
S&P to taste (though I honestly didn’t think it needed any salt)

Spray pan with olive oil and cook pork and garlic until pork is no longer pink. Remove from pan and keep covered and warm. Wipe out pan and spray again. Throw in onions and cook until translucent. Add broccoli, mushrooms and ginger and cook until broccoli is tender. Add spices, wine, balsamic vinegar, brown sugar and blueberries and reduce liquid down a bit. Add evaporated milk, lemon juice, butter and cooked pork/garlic mixture and cook until sauce is desired thickness. Add a little cornstarch if it’s not getting thick enough for you. Serve over sticky rice or whatever you want! ^_^

I love blueberry/pork combo dishes, this one is friggin awesome. I have creamier recipes, this one is a bit on the lighter side. Fruit goes just so well with meat so you’ll see me make LOTS of fruit/meat meals. I was quite happy with how this came out as I changed it slightly since the last time I made it (cut down on the creaminess a bit) and thought there was just enough sauce, maybe even just a little too much (better too much than too little I say!) I might use more blueberry next time as I felt the need to throw in a little extra at the end.

So I never went on my walk, but I did get some work done and got an order out! I’m always happy when I’ve accomplished something for the day. And I got to get out into the sun a couple times to run errands and whatnot, so all in all it was a wonderful day! I have absolutely no complaints. I can’t even wait for tomorrow, I know it’s going to be awesome and I’m going to treat my tummy really well. I PROMISE! I will try to remember to bring my camera to my brothers so I can at least take pics of the Thanksgiving/birthday spread. ^_^ Thanks so much for reading! You don’t even realize how important it is to me that this gets read, even if by only 1 or 2 people. HAVE AN AMAZING THANKSGIVING!!!

Morning weigh-in: 127 lbs (getting that weight back down!)
Exercise: 1/2 hour on stair stepper, 1/2 hour of yoga


Comments on: "Sunshine is my friend!" (4)

  1. WHAT?! absurd! i’ve been eating disordered since 1999, and i’ve never ONCE read about the substitute of roots for potatoes! i’m jumping onto this wagon right now. merci beaucoup! 🙂 🙂 🙂 x

  2. That looks so amazing. I’m so jealous of your tummy.

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