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YAY! No sunshine today though, that makes me a little bit down…but its ok! My husband came with me to IHop for breakfast! FREE is amazing! We chatted so long after breakfast that we went through 2 of those canisters of coffee. It’s always great to know that we always have something to talk about, never a lack of conversation between us, even after 5 years of marriage. ^_^


Thats right, I’m linking another WordPress blog for this picture becuase I forgot my camera. Hehe. Anyway, this is exactly what I had! I drizzled just a LITTLE sugar-free syrup onto my pancakes. It was absolutely exactly what I wanted. It was yummy as hell and nice and filling! And of course the price was right!


Just a salad! I have to do a lot of eating tonight at my brothers, so as I mentioned yesterday I was just gonna keep it light with lunch. So I made this massive salad with shredded carrots, sweet red peppers, tomato and a little less than a T of fat-free Honey Mustard dressing. YUM!!! Now we’re making cornbread for the dinner tonight and it smells amazing! I’m gonna make all of you proud of me and won’t overeat tonight, I promise!


That picture was amazing, I just had to use it.

So I had 1 large slice of turkey with a little gravy, a serving of sweet potatoes, green been casserole, cornbread and some pear salad. Then I had 1 spoonfull each of seconds (minus the salad). And my tummy told me “Hey, I’m reasonably full.” and gave it about half an hour to digest and had a piece of pumpkin pie on top of that. And that was it! It was PERFECT! I wasn’t insanely incredibly uncomfortably full, yet had a good amount of food and was very satisfied and happy. When I got home I had a couple tootsie roll pops and a little chocolate for a small birthday treat, downed a large cup of water, then went to bed. I was so proud of myself you guys. ^_^ It was such a good day!  I really hope all your Thanksgivings went just as well!

Oh hey since it was my birthday and all, my brother got me a new pair of victorian boots, my sister in law got me some fancy lip gloss and pumpkin spice tea, and my mom got me one of those friggin awesome flip waffle irons like the ones you use in hotels! I wanted one of those SOOOOOOOOOOO bad!! YAY!!! There will be waffles in the mornng!

Morning weigh-in: 124 lbs (YES! Back in my acceptable range!!)
Exercise: It was my birthday, so instead I took a nap. I’ll make it up tomorrow night!


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  1. yeah!!! birthday pancakes!!! perfection!!! x

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