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Today was my husband’s birthday. He has a favorite restaurant that will serve you a free meal on your birthday. So for lunch, we went there and I had my personal favorite dish from that particular restaurant. It was actually THE dish that inspired me to start cooking. Its a chicken piccata with angel hair. So simple, yet the sauce they make is so amazing that I decided from that day forward I would start cooking things I wanted myself so that I didn’t have to always go out to eat every time I wanted a certain sauce or a certain food. I could just make it. Any time I wanted. It took me back to that day. It’s actually a comfort food for me now. It was amazing, but of course knowing full well that I was going to be eating this dish (which includes 2 pieces of chicken that I knew I would want to eat both of, hehe) I kept breakfast and dinner very light and low-calorie.


It makes me really angry when I break a yolk while cracking them. Like, really angry. Because I don’t think anyone can really truly understand how hard I try NOT to do that. And my best is never ever ever good enough. Ever. Does anyone here understand how frustrating that is? Anyway, I broke the yolk on the bottom while cracking it into the pan, which lead me to cook them differently than I normally would have, which lead them to be a little overcooked on the bottom. Never a great way to start my day. Fucking up. But, at least they still tasted good. Anyway, that was all I had for breakfast, which was good considering my husband wanted a ridiculously early lunch (I ate breakfast at about 10 and we left for lunch at like, 11:30).


I forgot my camera of course, so had to find an image of chicken piccata on angel hair. This looks incredibly similar to the amount of food I had, but the sauce was a lot creamier. But really, regardless this dish is not awful for you. I was proud to find out that it is relatively low in calorie, chicken of course always being an amazing choice for meat, and I had a salad with low-fat vinaigrette dressing on the side that I used very little of. So really, I did amazing for lunch! Yum yum! I’ll have to make this at home again soon!


Parsnip and Carrot puree soup with Mushrooms and Corn

2 large Parsnips, cut into chunks
2 large Carrots, cut into chunks
1 cup Mushrooms
2 slices Vadallia Onion, chopped
1/3 cup Corn (I used frozen, feel free to use fresh!)
1.5 cups Chicken Stock (or Veggie stock for a more vegetarian version)
1/8 cup Yogurt (whatever kind suits your fancy ^_^)
1/8 cup Milk (I used Almond Milk)
1 clove Garlic
Fresh chopped Tarragon
Fresh chopped Marjoram
Fresh chopped Mint
A pinch of Cardamom
S&P to taste

Steam about 2/3 of the parsnips and carrots (for about 10 minutes) and then puree in a blender with the milk and yogurt. Sautee onions and garlic until onions are translucent. Add reserved carrot and parsnip chunks and allow to cook until they begin softening. Add corn and herbs/spices until fragrant. Add chicken stock and parsnip/carrot puree. Cover and cook for about 8 minutes (until carrots and parsnips are soft). Add less stock for a thicker soup or more for a thinner soup. You can always uncover and allow it to cook down a bit if it seems too thin for your taste.

I LOVED this, but then again I’ve been really into parsnips lately. It was a great late dinner (I wasn’t even hungry until about 8:30 after that huge lunch), low-calorie, warm and filling. Soups are always amazing to fill you up on low cals! ^_^

I’m so thankful that my husband’s friends all took him out tonight. Its like another birthday present to me to not have to deal with him for an evening lol! (I love him, really I do, but when he’s drunk he drives me absolutely crazy and I just can’t handle him.) I got a lot of projects done, for work and around the house. I set up my little pink Christmas tree! It’s adorable and it makes me happy! Maybe I’ll take pics? ~_^ I think I’ll stay up just a little longer to see if I can find anything I’d like to cook for breakfast then head to bed. Goodnight kids!!!

Morning weigh-in: 127 lbs
Exercise: 1 hour on stair stepper + 1/2 hour of yoga


Comments on: "Husband’s birthday = Small treat ^_^" (3)

  1. i WANT your dinner! totally want it! but i just don’t have the patience for foods to cook! so when it’s time for dinner, i know i’ll want my tofu. or raw salmon. and i’d eat all of that soup which probably wouldn’t be too terrible because it’s healthy, but i assume that your recipe calls for a husband and wife portion?

    and your yolk issue?! yes! i have the same with an apple!!! on “sleepless in seattle,” tom hanks’s wife and then later meg ryan are depicted as cutting the skin from the apple in one long strip. i’ve never been successful with that venture and, in fact, bled all over an apple once trying to accomplish it. hahaha! x

    • Oh no no darlin, everything, absolutely everything that I make is only 1 portion. I NEVER cook for my husband. Ever. We eat all of our meals seperately because when I became a crazy person and had to control every calorie that I consumed, I stopped eating anything that he would prepare because he refused to measure things out or tell me what he’d put into the food because he “couldn’t remember”. Well for a person on a crazy calorie-restrictive diet, this is not an acceptable answer. And he doesn’t like anything with this thing called “flavour” you see, hehe, so he wouldn’t eat anything that I make. So unless otherwise stated, everything I cook for myself is one portion and with the ingredients I use and the way I cook them (weighed-out portions of the leanest meats I can find, weighed portions of pasta, lots of veggies, low-fat and low-calorie everything) generally means that one portion is 500 cals or less. If you’re ever curious about the calorie total of a dish I’ve made just let me know and I’ll count it up for you. (For example, I just counted up that soup for you and it was only about 160 calories the way I make it, for that huge bowl of soup. I might be crazy, but I’m awfully good at it and still eat large portions of food for very little cals.)

      I have an apple peeler for that!! It cores and peels the apple on this little contraption thing, it’s pretty amazing! Now if only I had something to crack eggs flawlessly for me…~_^

  2. i’m seriously convinced that we have the same brain!
    calorie counting to me (and to you clearly) is like what amphibian dissection is to a biology teacher!
    i just don’t even count them anymore because my brain “knows” automatically.
    HOW DOES the husband meal separation arrangement work?! may i ask your age? how long have you been married? i seriously don’t want to ever be bothered by anyone, so i doubt that i’ll ever be married. i just like independence and success and my highly organised life. that’s all! back to my wine now! 😉 x

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