Food and weight-maintenence blog for the POST diet girl

I just wanted to throw out there a couple notes about the recipes I post here since I’ve had a couple questions!

– I always cook everything I make down to 1 serving. I never have leftovers. If I ever do, its normally an accident.

– If I copy/paste a recipe from somewhere else (which is generally obvious when I do), I copy the entire recipe and however many servings IT makes. Know that I have cut all the ingredients down to one serving and the picture I show may not represent what 1 serving of that particular recipe generally looks like. Since I substitute a lot of low-fat ingredients and cut other high-calorie ingredients completely (which I will specify if I cut something, otherwise assume that I’ve substituted) I generally have a higher portion of food than what I “serving” generally would be of that recipe.

– When I copy a recipe I find online, I tend to divide the ingredients by 2 or 3 to get one of MY personal 1-serving portions. ^_^ I will always write when I’ve added anything extra.

– When I write one of my personal “I made it up as I went along” recipes, it is always for 1 serving. You can always tell when I made it up because I’m very “a pinch of this” here and “a little bit of that” there and I swear I almost always start my recipes with “Sautee onions until translucent” lol! I just love onions! And I tend to write the directions out in a very “I did this” sort of first-person way.

– There are times when I make things that just don’t work. Not often. But when I do, I most likely won’t share the recipe because well…you probably don’t want to make it!

You should always feel completely free to change anything! And then totally LET ME KNOW! I would LOVE to try different ingredients/vegitarian or vegan options/new spices or flavours! Please please share with me how friggin awesome you are so we can eat and enjoy life together! It’s the little things and the little changes that make life amazing. ^_^


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