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Fresh start = New computer!

It’s ok everyone! I’m still here! My lappy just died on me and I need a new one! I will be computer shopping on Tuesday! I have still taken pics of all my yummy meals and will get them all up in their own posts soon! I’m really glad that I feel so amazing, my reaction to my computer dying has been nothing but positive. It’s actually taken me aback a little bit! The old me would have cursed the day I was born, thrown the old computer out the window, and proceed to cry myself to sleep that night. Over a laptop! But with the way I feel now, I see how much it doesn’t even matter! I really needed a new computer anyway, and its Christmas! I can ask people for money to go toward my new lappy as a gift! It won’t even end up costing me a dime! ^_^ The screen completely blacked out while I was tying to someone and I actually LAUGHED about it! I laughed out loud and said something along the lines of “Oh poop! It’s finally dead!” and got on my hubbys computer to let everyone I was talking to know that I was sorry to cut our conversations short but that my computer blacked out on me. Then I worked on a project for the rest of the night, got it finished, worked out, did some yoga and made myself an amazing dinner!

My god life is amazing.

I love you all and your support has been SO awesome! I will be back super soon!


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