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New week, no buffets please!

So it’s Sunday morning, still not feeling to good from last night. At noon I have to go to work for 8 hours. Luckily, I have no more “going out” plans or dinners or big buffets to go to. I get to kind of sort of eat like a normal person for a week. My body will thank me as I’m already feeling sort of fat from this weekend. I mean not really, my clothes still fit me fine. But I don’t feel good. So I’d rather eat healthy for a week. No, not calorie-counting. Just switching out the muffins for some quinoa or something for a couple mornings. I also have to work 40 hours this week and will have to eat a lot at work. I may start making my own lunches to bring. I’m not certain yet as the choices there aren’t exactly UNhealthy, except when people bring lots of candy and crap. We’ll see…

I haven’t yet eaten breakfast. Let me ask y’all something. If I don’t feel good, should I still eat? I mean, my stomach is churning, I’ve been in the bathroom no less than 3 times already this morning, and food just sounds disgusting to me right now. I SHOULD eat 3 meals a day, but is it OK to skip if you sincerely don’t feel good and have no appetite? Should I force myself to eat? If I do have something (which I probably will have a LITTLE something at some point) I will post it, but still want your opinions.


Quinoa Porridge with Low Fat Granola

It’s pretty self-explanatory really. I made quinoa per the normal directions. Added some almond milk and let it cook down a bit to thicken it up. Served it, added a little more milk to cool it down, drizzled on some hazelnut honey and topped it with some low-fat granola. The hazelnut honey was an amazing choice as it went super well with the nuttiness of the quinoa. My stomach has quieted down QUITE a lot, I must say. It is WAY happier to have something healthy in it. I will remember that it seems its always beneficial to eat SOMETHING if I can. If I can’t, it probably isn’t a huge deal, especially if I’m really sick or something. But you can’t argue with results…and the results are that my stomach has completely stopped making a ton of really scary noises. AND it was really healthy and yummy.


Just another turkey wrap from work, along with a tomato and basil bisque soup AND a banana! Now, whats exciting about this banana is that a sandwich at my work automatically comes with a bag of potato chips. Of course, I’m not usually into eating those and end up leaving them on the breakroom table for someone else to enjoy. NOW they’ve implemented a potato chip OR banana option!! YES!!! I enthusiastically grabbed a banana and made certain the entire world realized how friggin happy as hell this made me!


Pork and Papaya stir fry on Couscous

1 cut of Pork (I’ve stopped weighing them), cubed
1/4 large Papaya, cubed
1/4 small Yellow Onion, sliced
1 cup Mixed Mushroom slices
1 large Carrot, shredded
1/4 Yellow Pepper, sliced
1/4 Red Pepper, sliced
1.5 T Teryaki sauce
1/2 T Soy Sauce (more on top later to taste)
1/2 T Lime juice
1 T Rice Vinegar
Fresh chopped Cilantro (I think I used about 1 T)
Fresh grated Ginger
1 clove fresh grated Garlic
1/2 T Honey (I used a lemon honey butter)
Pepper to taste (does not need any more salt, trust me on this one hehe)

Spray a pan with olive oil and sautee onions and garlic about 1 minute. Add ginger, pork, mushrooms and peppers and cook over medium heat until pork is done. Add soy sauce, lime juice, teryaki sauce, vinegar and cilantro. Cook until sauce is of desired thickness (theres not a lot of sauce, so this won’t take long). Add papaya and cook until it is warmed through. Serve on a bed of prepared couscous.

This is one of the first times my husband has said “Smells good! What is it?” while I was cooking. I’m very surprised, now that I have been leaving food out for him, he’s all of a sudden all about trying new things. I’m rather proud of him actually! This was unusually good as I thought maybe it would be too salty to pair with the papaya, but it was simply perfect. I found this recipe online, I should trust other people more often with cooking. Hehe.
I worked an 8 hour shift today and it was actually quite pleasant. It was really really busy, yes, but everyone was SO nice and even when we didn’t have what they wanted, they did not blame me (for a change!). If my week holds up like this it should be a wonderful Christmas! I’m SO looking forward to baking cupcakes for my family and a few close friends! ^_^ It’s going to be their present this year as I can’t really afford to buy everyone presents…I had to buy this new computer instead. Bah. I think they will like the cupcakes just as much as I will be pouring my heart and soul into them!

Exercise: 8 hours at retail job


Comments on: "New week, no buffets please!" (3)

  1. I’m going with the listen to your body approach. I know I’m not eating anywhere near what I “should” be eating, and skip dinner occasionally because I have no hunger pangs.

    And I can say that my body and energy levels are feeling better than they ever have before. So I say don’t feel terrible about skipping meals unless it actually ends up making you feel terrible.

  2. I think the whole “feeling terrible” thing is what I should listen to, you are right. If I skip a meal and I feel run down and awful, I probably shouldn’t have skipped that meal. But if I skip and I feel good and still have energy and didn’t eat because I was genuinely not hungry, then that sounds ok. ^_^ My goal will still always be to eat 3 meals a day though!

  3. definitely okay to skip a meal if you don’t feel well. it’s so weird for an exbulimic to imagine skipping one, i know! a few weeks ago, i wasn’t sick but fell asleep before dinner, sleeping until 5am! so upon awakening, i was perplexed! do i eat last night’s dinner now? or do i go right to breakfast? can i skip a meal and still be healthy? bla bla bla bla. 🙂 here’s a link to that entry: feel better, love! x

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