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I totally made cuppycakes today. And I don’t mean just any cuppycakes. SUPER AMAZING AWESOME cuppycakes! These are my family and friend’s Christmas presents this year!

Cuppycake #1:  Matcha cupcakes with Cream Cheese Matcha frosting

Cuppycake #2: Dark Chocolate cake filled with homemade Strawberry Pie filling and a White Cholocate buttercream frosting topped with a fresh strawberry

I swear I made real meals as well, I’m just REALLY tired as its been an incredibly long day and I desperately need to go to bed before Christmas festivities tomorrow! ^_^ Merry Christmas everyone!!!!! Enjoy the pictures! I was so excited to make these I couldn’t sleep the night before. I was awake by 3 AM. Now I’m up till 2. I haven’t slept in 23 hours. Goodnight and have a great holiday!

Adding my meals for the day (*excluding lunch which included leftover cornbread bake thing from the other day and 2 slices of pizza from work…also tons of experimental cuppycake consumption!)


Apricot Oat Clafoutis

This was actually just mildly ok. Not what I hoped for so I don’t plan on posting the recipe. This was basically just a baked oatmeal, which was fine! But not spectacular. Next time!


Experimental Stir Fry

It was about midnight when I was finally able to make dinner last night. I spent my whole evening slaving over cuppycakes. So I just threw some veggies and some new sauces together into this. I’ll list the ingredients:

Peanut Oil (for frying)
Yellow summer squash
Shitake mushrooms
Yellow Pepper (sliced)
Red Pepper (diced)

For the sauce:
Cooking sherry (1/4 c)
Chili paste
Chinese 5-spice
Soy sauce
Rice Vinegar
1 T Brown sugar
Splash Lime juice
S&P to taste (really doesn’t need more salt with the soy sauce in there)

Since it was my first time using a lot of these sauce ingredients/spices I was really impressed with the new flavours! Very very good! I served this on sticky rice. The chili paste was not too spicy (being that it was nearly 1 AM by the time I got to eat, I didn’t want anything too overpowering as I was tired) and the spices were new and exciting to me! I served this on a bed of sticky rice.

Exercise: 8 hours running around retail job like a chicken with its head cut off. My legs actually hurt today due to how much actual running I did.


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