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The Elwood is my FAVOURITE burger at the House of Blues, which is one of my favourite venues. We’re leaving in a few hours to go there for New Years. I guarantee you that this is what I will be having for lunch! I will try SO HARD to remember to take pics because I really want to actually. I’d like to document my Elwood! Once the holidays are over and I start working out again, I swear I’ll go back to eating a bit better hehe. For now it’s ok because I could really use to gain back 10 lbs. So while not trying to go completely bingey overboard (which I haven’t as of late…you’d be REALLY surprised when you allow yourself more freedom how much easier it becomes to say no and listen to your body…I still have chocolate that I haven’t even touched in the house…CHOCOLATE! From Christmas! How is that still there??? First I forgot about it, then when I remembered I decided I didn’t want any…and I am still not really ready to break it open) I haven’t been very moderate as of late either. I’m already slowing down a lot on what snacks and sweets I choose to eat, I think that 2 years of deprivation have just accumulated into craziness the past 2 or 3 weeks. But that’s starting to take care of itself and I’m slowly turning into someone who eats normally. ^_^


Leftover Pumpkin Apricot Coffee Cake

It looked kinda cute sitting in my microwave, so I took a pic of it in there. I was so totally going to make this raspberry cream cheese (with the rest of that mango stuff) baked french toast thing and had a recipe picked out last night and everything. But then I remembered that I have no mornings that I work my retail job next week (which gives me full reign of the kitchen every morning) and therefore I will not eat any leftovers. I’ve already expressed my dismay at how I very often let my leftovers go to waste. So while I woke up plenty early to make something, I instead heated this up. Which was of course very yummy indeed. ^_^

I will be out of town for the rest of the day and will have to update my other meals when I get home tomorrow. For now I must jump in the shower and get ready. I don’t know how to describe how this weekend will turn out…but I have a feeling it will be not so good. I will try my best to stay positive while I basically chauffeur around 3 people who have no restraint whatsoever when it comes to alcohol and other recreational activities…not exactly looking forward to that. I also don’t like any of these people when they are fucked up. They’re so much more pleasant to be around when they’ve not been drinking. Even when I have also been drinking I STILL can’t stand them when they’re drunk. I’m stuck driving because A) My husband got his license revoked for 6 months, B) His best friend has no license at all and C) My mother-in-law is a very “special” individual who can’t navigate anywhere past a 5 block radius from her home even though she’s lived in this city her entire life. Even with a GPS she acts COMPLETELY befuddled and confounded by her surroundings and goes straight into “I can’t do it, you do it” mode. Since she has been coddled her entire life by her ex husband and son, she never has to do anything for herself ever. My husband is convinced that I will somehow have a great time tonight despite all of this. I will try. But it’s not looking good.


*So the best part of all of this was that my mother in law offered to drive there. While my husband had to repeat absolutely everything the GPS said for her to do all the way there, and every rest stop was an excuse to partake in “recreational activity” it was really really really nice to just plain not have to drive. So that immediately started making the trip better.

When we eventually found the House of Blues, I had to point out, loudly, that there existed a place called The Chocolate Bar right across the street…and also that I would be visiting this place at some point whether or not anyone else wanted to go with me. Luckily, everyone else also seemed to express interest. Once again, this trip was looking up!

We checked into our hotel (with a very large cooler and case of beer…this place was FAR too nice and classy for my family…) had a beer or 2 and some lunch and then went out to find somewhere to get a drink. We went to a little joint around the corner that wasn’t too bad. We had some loaded fries and the boys had a couple beers (I only had one) and headed back over to the hotel. We hung out in their lobby/bar for a while (I did not get a drink here as I was attempting to pace myself) then it was finally time to go to the Chocolate Bar! YAY! This place ruled. I got some Oreo cake thing that was amazing. Everyone else got drinks (obviously)…

Then it was time to go get my Elwood burger at the House of Blues! (We’re a “You can’t have your dinner till you’ve finished your dessert” sort of people.) I very excitedly bounce inside and tell the waitstaff that there will be 4 of us. The girl proceeds to hand me some paper telling me that since its New Years they have a special menu with a 5 course meal thing costing $60 a person. I say that we’re not interested, we’d just like regular menus.

“No, I mean, this IS the menu tonight.”

“Soooooo if I don’t want to pay $60 per person I have to go somewhere else?”

“Well, you could also sit at the bar…but this is the only menu tonight.”

“Wow……that’s REALLY really disappointing…”

“I’m sorry….”

So no Elwood burger for me. Considering it was the one part of this whole trip I was really looking forward to that really sucked a lot. I do plan on complaining to management as well, as that $60 “special” thing was bullshit. We went down the street to an Irish pub type place where I ended up having some BBQ burger that was quite good! I also had a glass of 12 year Scotch. So it wasn’t a total loss!

The show itself was actually a lot of fun. The others didn’t end up getting too annoyingly plastered (must have been difficult for them) and after the show we wandered back to the hotel and crashed hard. At about 3 AM someone in our hallway started yelling at some other guy that he was going to “punch him in the face” and my mom in law started yelling that she was going to call security. A girl out in the hallway agreed that she should. Then the noise died down, so I’m not certain that she ever did call.

The next morning I got up bright and early and went on a walk for about half an hour. I just like having that morning time to myself (which I think I’ve mentioned before). Then we all left (I drove home) and stopped at a Denny’s on the way for breakfast. I had the French Toast with bananas. Mmmm!

So while I failed to get pictures of my food once again, I at least ended up having a really good time and didn’t have to do a lot of babysitting. It just sucks always being the responsible one, so having other people step up and also do the responsible thing is nice! I did forewarn my husband that I was not looking forward to the evening and did not intend on playing babysitter for everyone and if things got out of control I was going back to the hotel alone. He did a good job and I’m proud of him and very happy with how the evening went (despite me not being able to get the dinner I really wanted.)


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  1. LOL! i can’t wait to read the update of your evening with the three drunken goonies. seriously, do not forget to update us! you crack me up! happy new year, miss pistachio! xxx

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