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Mah brother’s birthday!!!

It’s my little brother’s birthday, so for his day I of course decided to make him some gorgeous gourmet cuppycakes!!! (That’s just what I do for people on their birthdays now I guess hehe!) I couldn’t really afford anything else, so that’s just what I do. They went over incredibly well! I ate one out of the dozen for, you know, “quality control”. ~_^ After my brother and his wife split one and he put one aside to save for himself (since they were his after all), the other guests left him with only 1 extra. And everyone RAVED about how much they liked them!!! I felt really really super good about myself, I can’t even describe! When I know what I’m making is really super good, I like to share it! Baking it seems I can do and I can do really well!

I only have pictures of my breakfast and the cupcakes. I had a late breakfast (had to drop of the husband at his bartending class at 9 and then didn’t make breakfast till about 11.) Made cupcakes from about 11:30 to 1:30, then went to go work out from about 2 to 4, so no time for lunch! The dinner was early though, 5:30, so that made up for it!) We went out to dinner at a Mongolian BBQ joint and of course I forgot to bring my camera! Ah well. I got the important stuff!


CoCo Wheats and Bananas

When I finally was in the mood for breakfast I tried keeping it simple and healthy. This was perfect! I got my chocolate fix so I didn’t eat too many of my brother’s cupcakes (which were SO RICH I couldn’t have possibly eaten more than one anyway!) and it was nice and fast so I didn’t worry about time. Also, I’ve thought my whole life that Coco Wheats were the COOLEST! I even have a Coco Wheats t-shirt that I ordered from the back of the box when I was a kid. I’m CERTAIN I still have it! Y’all are jealous.

Birthday present for my brother:

“Peanut Butter Cup” Cupcakes

I know peanut butter cups were always one of my brother’s weaknesses, so I tried my best to duplicate one in cupcake form. I made the batter with half Dutch processed dark cocoa, half Hershey’s dark cocoa (the Dutch processed stuff is so strong that they suggest cutting it with another cocoa so it won’t be too bitter) and where the recipe called for water (WATER???) I used buttermilk. Crazy people and their water… I used half cake flour, half AP flour so I would get that nice light texture, but also make it dense enough to hold the filling up inside without having it sink to the bottom. I used half butter half oil where it called for oil so I would have both the flavour of the butter and the moistness of the oil. I also doubled the salt, salt really brings out the flavour of dark chocolate and I notice some recipes don’t add quite enough for my taste. I think I worked out the perfect chocolate cake recipe!

For the filling I used cream cheese, peanut butter, a little heavy cream and sugar. I let it chill for about an hour in the fridge. I poured half the batter into each cup and then added a heaping teaspoon of filling in the middle of each, topping them with the rest of the batter afterwards. They baked for about 15 minutes, being rotated halfway through, until a toothpick came out clean.

For the topping I made a swirled half-peanut butter half chocolate buttercream frosting. I topped all of that with a couple chunks of Reeses Peanut Butter Cup.

These were off the hook crazy. They were SO RICH and so incredibly delicious. I was so proud, people just RAVED about them. I felt amazing about myself. My brother was incredibly happy and now I have another gourmet cupcake under my belt. ^_^ I’m SO happy you can’t even believe.

It was just a wonderful day! My husband didn’t get too annoyingly drunk at the party and we all sang karaoke and ate cake (that my sister in law made, lemon! MMMMM!! It was SO good!!) and the Mongolian BBQ was awesome as well! I made myself a, rather healthy actually, shrimp and scallop dish with pineapple, pea pods, tomato, sweet and sour sauce, coconut and a little brown sugar. WOW! I rock. Tomorrow my husband is going out to a movie with some friends, so I’ll get the house to myself for the evening! I have to get a project done during the morning, but then after that I’ll go work out and make myself a nice, quiet dinner here. VERY excited about that!

Exercise: 1/2 hour of yoga, 1.5 hours at the gym



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