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More celebrations!

I felt better today. About what I’d been eating, about my body, about myself.

I’ve also made a new decision about my meals.

I want to try to always keep my lunches light and easy to prepare. No more crazy, huge, fat-packed meals for lunch. I either want to always be making either a sandwich or a soup. I’ve been doing it fairly consistently for a couple weeks now and feel it makes me feel more energized and happy with myself to eat something super healthy and light in the middle of the day. This way I will also always have at least 1 healthy meal a day. I’d like to cut out the crazy amounts of butter, cream, sugar and pasta I’ve been eating lately during lunch. If I have a creamy soup, I will limit myself to using milk or water rather than heavy cream or buttermilk. Sandwiches I will try to limit myself to mostly lean meats or completely vegetarian, always using light mayo, light sour cream or margarine instead of butter.

I just need to remember that food and eating is an art. It’s a balance. It’s beautiful. I should not be frightened of it. I shouldn’t let it control me, but rather embrace the diversity in it and appreciate both ends of the spectrum equally. The light and the heavy. The meats and the veggies. The sweet and the savory. Lean both ways at the same time. It IS possible! I CAN do it!


Sausage Egg and Feta Scramble

Here I just scrambled eggs with sausage, yellow peppers, and mushrooms with some chopped basil, mint and parsley. I threw in a little salt, pepper and then topped it with low-fat feta cheese and chopped tomato. Great for a before-workout meal!!! Lots of protein, lots of veggies and not too much food!


Egg Salad Sandwich

Post work out lunch! Once again, light (which is what I now go for with my lunches) and lots of protein! I mixed 2 chopped hard-boiled eggs with a little light mayo, a little mustard, some dill weed, garlic powder, salt, pepper, chopped yellow peppers (since I have no celery I needed something for a crunch) and finely chopped sweet onion. I melted a little Colby on top (I debated using 5 slices but decided to keep it lighter only using 4 ^_^). DAYM! I don’t think I’ve ever made an egg salad, but it was ridiculously good!!!

Not an hour later my mom calls. I was supposed to go to my grandma’s house with my cousin to make her dinner, but my cousin sort of forgot about it I guess because my mom was with her instead. She called to see if I had any plans and I’d mentioned the whole me and my cousin making grandma dinner thing and she said “Well, I’m with grandma right now, would you like to take a night off from cooking and just go out with us?” So I did just that! Here’s what I had:


Venetian Apricot Chicken

I had a little salad, about half a breadstick and most of this beautiful dish! No pasta, so cream in the sauce, lots of veggies! Nice and healthy! YESSSSS!!! I didn’t even eat all of this because I’d basically just eaten my egg salad sandwich right before going out. So I left about half a piece of chicken. My mom had the same thing and also had leftovers, so I just gave her the rest of mine. I felt MUCH better about myself with my healthy choices for the day. SO much better. And I was still full and happy. I don’t NEED a bunch of junk to be happy. It’s going so well!!! AND I got lots of workouts in!

My mom is very proud of me. She sees that I’ve gained back some weight and look and feel better. My mom has also been in and out of the hospital for months now, can’t work, is always feeling run down and is always in pain. They FINALLY may have figured out what is wrong with her though. So she is very very happy to have a name to what she’s got and can finally start getting proper treatments. My grandma is really able to truly smile and laugh again after losing my grandpa 6 months ago. And she’d let me know that my uncle, who has been part of a scary “religious” cult for years now is finally starting to open his eyes and see that maybe these people he’s been associating with for the past decade are completely batshit crazy.

So it was a celebration for all of us, for the physical and mental health of our family, and to toast our futures as normal, healthy individuals! Life is good!

Exercise: 1/2 hour of yoga, 1.5 hours at the gym


Comments on: "More celebrations!" (2)

  1. Wow, that second pic should be in the dictionary under the definition of ‘food porn.’ I can’t believe how many complicated and delicious meals you rustle up for yourself.

    I just had to say that I absolutely LOVED your outfit on Nicole’s blog. You have an amazing figure, even though I know you don’t see it. Before I became really depressed I used to dress similarly, perhaps a bit more towards the Goth side of things, but I never carried off the look as well as you do. Now I tend to feel constrained by anything other than running clothes (plus I’m too damn lazy and sad to make the effort) but I really do wish I could look even an iota as amazing as you do.

    I just wondered – do you post everything you have in a day? If you never have snacks then even with ‘heavier’ meals I would have thought you’d be okay in terms of calories, particularly when you work out at such a high intensity. But, obviously, whatever makes you feel the best is the optimal course of action 🙂

    Sorry for not realising that the ‘Thank God I’m Pretty’ lyrics were from a song: for some reason I thought it was a poem you’d written! I still adore it though – I would have loved that concert for the aesthetics alone.


    • I’m honestly not much of a snacker. I don’t really snack. When I do, it gets me into trouble. IF I do, I tend to at least write about it but I wouldn’t take a picture of it…I prefer to post pics of the things I actually MAKE so I can share the recipes. Uh, the only thing I normally omit is the small bowl of ice cream I tend to have for dessert every night, I figure its a bit redundant and I tend to try to limit myself to a cup of ice cream at MOST, normally its a little less. Although I haven’t had any ice cream at all this week because my confidence in myself had gone down significantly. I’m feeling MUCH better today, you are incredibly sweet to say those wonderful words about me and how I look. I feel on top of the world today. You’ve helped SO much! I’m so sorry that I’ve been so behind on my bloggin/keeping up with others’ blogs lately, I promise I will catch up tonight after I come home from the bazillion things I gotta go do! ^_^

      Just so you know, I’m INCREDIBLY jealous of your gorgeous legs and your ability to run. I’m learning slowly yet surely how to run, but I will never be as awesome at it as you and my legs will never be as thin and pretty and strong as yours (my legs are where I carry ALL my weight, I had cankles even when I was underweight!), but I can sure as hell try! ^_^

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