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It’s been a nice morning actually.

Jack Donaghy the cat woke me up at about 7:20 by stepping over my head to peer out the window.

Everything is covered in white. It had been snowing all night and well into the morning. Big, gorgeous, fluffy flakes.

I wake up alone and wander out into my house alone. But I am happy to be alone today. I have much to think about and like to speak out loud to myself when I am thinking heavily about something. I have no one here to judge me.

I spend the morning checking up on my online store and sending out invoices to people who want items from me. Some of which, an hour or 2 later, have already been paid for. I am no longer freaking out about bills this month as I have enough to pay them now.

I put on some relaxing music (Radiohead’s “In Rainbows”) and chatted with some close friends online about my predicament. My friends are so very loving and supportive and are good listeners. I tend to surround myself with people like this for a reason. They are very supportive and will stay supportive through whatever choice I make. They give good advice and love me unconditionally.

Actually, the only downside of this morning is that my ankle hurts. I worked out on it too hard yesterday and it is unhappy with me. I can still walk on it just fine, but I absolutely must rest it today. No working out at all. (Though I still really want to do my yoga, I don’t think that will hurt it.)

I never really got hungry. Once again. I don’t know if it’s because I just ended my period and have started my pills up again this week or what, but hunger isn’t my friend right now. It has abandoned me. At about 10:30 I decided to had to eat something, skipping breakfast is just a terrible option and I am very much against doing it.


Raspberry Oatmeal with Almonds and Greek Yogurt

It is what it is! Just some plain, instant oatmeal with raspberries, a pinch of salt and a little honey mixed in, a dollop of honey greek yogurt on top, some slivered almonds and a few more raspberries for presentation! I did make the oatmeal with milk instead of water for more nutrients. I’ve not really been craving sweets much lately, so I only very mildly sweetened this. I feel good about me today and wanted to put good things into my body! I want to continue to put good things into me all day!


Sauerkraut, Pickle and Pineapple Wrap

OK this COULD have actually been really good! I really wanted some Thousand Island Dressing for it but didn’t have any, so I tried to make it myself. I failed to see the part in the recipe were it said to use SEASONED salt and instead I just used a bit of regular salt. Well it was way underseasoned and so was much more bland than it could have been had I made the recipe correctly. I also should have grilled the sauerkraut and pineapple with a bit of oil and some seasoning as well and didn’t do that either. Instead, I tried to grill the whole thing on my Foreman. Disappointing, but I made up for it with a nice Honeycrisp apple afterwards! Those are always delicious and filling!

They’ve called me into work at my retail job today! It will be the first time I’ve worked there in 3.5 weeks, so even though I can’t go to the gym, I’ll still get a little exercise from running around work! YESSSS! Because of this I have to go with something quick and easy for dinner, maybe with some carbs to keep my energy up tonight since I’ll have to be there till nearly midnight.


Creamy Pesto and Angel Hair with Pine Nuts

Considering I’d spent a lot of the day just trying to relax and stay calm, I didn’t want to burden myself with a huge, complicated dinner right before leaving for work. It would have just stressed me out. I went to an old favorite, Knorr’s Creamy Pesto mix and whipped that up in about 10 minutes. Really easy, though nowhere NEAR as good as the fresh stuff I make now, still very satisfying. I only used about half the sauce (not even that) and just threw out the rest. I knew I wouldn’t end up eating all of it, so I don’t mind. I prefer making it from scratch now. But it was still an awesome option to quickly get some food in me before heading off to my retail job!


Still working on my current marriage problem. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to speak with my husband about it. I am actively looking for apartments though. As much as I keep saying things will be okay between me and him, it’s hard to tell until I speak with him. Until then, I need a backup plan. It’s ok! Don’t worry, I’m going to be fine. I’m an incredibly independent woman and really don’t need someone like him when it comes down to it. I’m happy being alone. I also have enough confidence in myself to know I won’t be alone for long. I already have 2 dates lined up for when I am single again. BAM! ^_^

Exercise: 1/2 hour of yoga, 4 hours at retail job


Comments on: "Still calm, still positive on this Meatless Monday!" (4)

  1. Wait a hot minute! Where did I miss the husband announcement? I won’t lie! Being single is fabulous. 🙂 Gwendolyn and I are driving through Toledo next Friday! Not sure of how strict the schedule will be, but perhaps there’s a chance to meet for lunch at Panera if it’s not too cold and we can dine outside. I will tell you more as the time comes closer! 🙂

    Congrats on your sales. And I love Radiohead! Creep’s my fave. x

    • The night before this (Sunday) was the first anything was said of it. It’s gone downhill fast in the past 3 weeks. We’ve been struggling with these issues for 6 years though. He’s just given up. It’s easier to give up and tell me I’m better off without him than to get help. So he’s a quitter and a coward. I can do better.

      I’ve missed being single. I’m never single. Hehe.

      I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to meet you at Panera (how did you know I LOVE Panera???) when you and Gwendylon come through town!!! I’m so excited!!

      • ugh! i’m so sorry! but i’m so happy for your new beginning. you’re a fabulous budding entrepreneur who shall do so much better without having to fetch drunky every night!

        i LOVE panera when they have the mediterranean salmon salad! it’s my absolute favourite cafe salad on the planet!!!!!!!!! 😀

        and if the weather isn’t fabulous on next friday, we’ll be driving back through on sunday! so we really have two options for outdoor dining! :):):)

      • I’ve never had that salad, it sounds FAB!!! I will try it per your recommendation! I’m very excited about it! We’ll check the weather and pick the best-sounding day!

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