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I’m gonna be ok.

I have an amazing support system.

My husband has alienated everyone he ever loved or who has ever loved him. The only person he has right now is this girlfriend of his. And he’s lying to her through his teeth about who he is. She seems intelligent. She’s going to figure it out and it will be soon.

Then he will have no one.

I’m excited about starting over.

At the same time my appetite has once again abandoned me. I did not have breakfast. Around 3:00 I decided I should eat something…so I had an apple. Then a close friend offered to take me out to Mediterranean food. I would NEVER EVER turn down free Mediterranean no matter how bad my appetite was. So we went out at about 7:00. We split a stuffed grape leaf appetizer (we had 3 each). And I had a veggie, bean and rice dish with some grilled chicken and a little spicy tahini sauce on top. Perfect! It was something my stomach was able to handle. Not too heavy, really healthy, made me feel good about myself. We came back here and put Sherlock Series 2 on and watched the first 2 episodes together, squeeing loudly over every adorable thing the characters did and said.  (She went to London with me to see and meet Benedict Cumberbatch last year.) We talked a lot and she’s proud of me for the confidence I still have in myself and how well I’m taking everything.

I’m doing the best I can and things are going to be ok.

I’m so sorry I have no food to post today. Tomorrow I might actually eat. We’ll see how I feel for breakfast.


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  1. Let’s have lunch next week if you can! (and if weather conditions permit).

    Me, you, and Gwendolyn shall party at Panera Bread and talk trash about your husband. 🙂

  2. Oh i’m so sorry to hear this 😦 I hope your lunch with Nicole and Gwendolyn will be fabulous and uplifting xx

    • I’m certain it will be. It’s shocking to me the sorts of friends I have here, ones who are willing to stop in the middle of their trips to have lunch with me and make certain I’m alright. How did I get so lucky to have all you girls? Thank you so much. Once again, your amazing amount of support has nearly moved me to tears. Thank you.

  3. I hope you and Nicole have fun 🙂

    I have to reiterate what I said before and emphasise that you are better than any of this – I hope your husband can turn himself around at some point but at the end of the day you need to be the priority.

    Take care and I hope you can indeed manage some breakfast!


    • I hope he does too as I worry about his well-being. He is extremely manic-depressive and in full self-destruct mode. I don’t want him to die. I do care about him and love him very much. I’ve tried helping him turn himself around for far too long. He refuses to grow up, grow some balls and take responsibility for himself. It’s ok, I don’t mind moving on to someone who appreciates a damn fine meal when he gets home from his JOB every day. Hehehe.

    • Thank you so very very much. I hope he can as well, but I can’t save him. I can’t have his issues on my shoulders anymore. He has to want to help himself and I’ve given him nothing but love and support through some of his darkest days and he is still unhappy. He is unhappy, not because of me, but because he cannot love himself. No one else can do that for him. Nobody can hand you self-worth on a silver platter. He’s an only child who’s had a lot handed to him throughout his whole life. And for the first time he has nothing.

      Thank you again! I am VERY looking forward to lunch with Nicole tomorrow!!! I’m going to pick my best, most fashionable clothes so she maybe thinks I have a good eye for that sort of thing hehe!

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