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I really didn’t want to be at home tonight. My husband is having a party, which means he will be plastered, annoying, embarrassing…I just can’t deal with it anymore. And I don’t have to.  I can just leave if I want to.

I was invited by a certain close male friend of mine to go along with him and some mutual friends (his ex-girlfriend being one of them, I really like her, so this is not a problem) to see the local roller derby girls compete and beat the crap out of each other. I’d never been to a roller derby match, so it sounded like a good time to me! Afterwards there were plans of hitting up a bar and having dinner there and whatnot. Why not? It’ll get me away from here.


I had a LOT of running around to do before going out. So I had the other half of this baked oatmeal that I had yesterday. Sorry to use the same picture…I didn’t think to take a new one for some reason. I finished my errands, started work on a project, took a shower and put on my cutest green tank top and best fitting jeans. My Victorian style boots make my legs and butt look amazing (even when they’re under jeans, the heels are just the right height) so I wore those too.

I eat a quick lunch before leaving.


Turkey and Cheese Wrap

Just a little mayo, some sun-dried tomato pesto, and mustard with a little turkey, a couple slices of cheese, lettuce, tomato and pickles. This was somehow way better than it should have been! It looks messy messy, but it was REALLY good!

Then I leave for my friend’s place.

I’ve been close with this guy for a long time. He was the friend of an ex-boyfriend of mine that I dated 10 years ago. He and I sort of had a thing after that boyfriend and I broke up, but at that age its very faux pas to date your ex’s friends…so I didn’t think it right that we actually dated. It was a weird situation. He’s always been around and been there for me though. I’ve always had him in the back of my mind. He means a lot to me and he could be a potential someone if I play my cards right.

So I’m a little nervous.

I show up, and I see his ex sitting rather comfortably with her unshoed feet up on his couch. I’m immediately confused. Is he still single? Are they roommates? Are they together again? She’s cool and I like her, so I don’t mind if they are together. Looking around the apartment for the first time, it does not look like a female lives here. The walls are completely undecorated. There are no girly things laying around, you know, lip gloss, jewelry, shoes…nothing a normal place containing a woman would have. He does have 2 cats though. Do men own cats? I mean…mine does but only because I gave him one. It just seems like a weird thing for a single guy to own not one, but two cats. There are 2 bedrooms, but only one contains a bed. The other is a computer room. She invites me to come sit on the couch. He later joins us, sitting on the other side of her. She has her arms wrapped around her legs with her feet perched up onto the couch in front of her the entire time. They don’t act like a couple. They don’t sit close to each other, hug, kiss, hold hands or anything. Ok…so they’re not together? I don’t understand the nature of their relationship. She eventually helps herself to the food in the fridge, but saying things like “I’m stealing your string cheese,” so clearly the contents of the fridge are not hers. I don’t want to ask as I feel it would be rude. Both of their FB statuses say they are both single. Not that I put a ton of faith in FB but you know…in the end it usually does actually mean something.

In the end I realize it doesn’t matter because I’m not interested in jumping directly into another relationship anyway.

We’re joined downtown by ex-girlfriend’s brother and his woman, who are both very cool. I can’t help but notice how thin both of the other women are in our little group. I watch our reflections as we walk by some windows on our way to the roller derby.

I look amazing.

I’ve got gorgeous curves. I’m skinny in all the right places. I’m lean and slightly muscular, it’s very obvious I work out, especially next to the other girls. I. Look. Great.

I don’t want to look like them.

We have a great time during the derby. My boy and I lean into each other most of the time. Pointing. Laughing. Chatting. We go out to a bar and have dinner. I order the vegetarian portabella mushroom burger with rice. I have 1.5 beers. I have no desire to drink any more than that. I have to drive myself home later. Luckily, no ones else in the group seems to want to get completely plastered either. I like that. A lot. We’re all pretty tired. We’re getting old and heaven knows its way past my bedtime. I impress everyone by making an origami box. We have some staggered conversation in between periods of us all sort of staring into space. We leave. I go home. She goes into his apartment with him. I am once again confused by the nature of their relationship, but once again realize it doesn’t matter.

I stop at a gas station on the way home. I put in $10 worth of gas and also decide to treat myself to a small bag of M&Ms and a Cadbury Cream Egg. They were on sale.

I come home and go straight to bed.

It was all in all a good night with good company and not a lot of drunkenness. This made me quite happy.

Sorry to ramble. I hope my broken love life has at least been entertaining! And sorry I forgot to take a picture of my burger. Next time!

Exercise: 1/2 hour of yoga



Comments on: "Date night, Happy St. Paddy’s Day!" (2)

  1. so excited for your date!
    i wanted a picture of the burger! did you use ketchup? 😀

    • Hehe to be honest I probably should have! I wanted a pic too, I tend to forget my camera when I go out. It was a fun date! I hope to have many more in the future, and my first one-on-one real fancy date I will be using my new clutch purse!

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