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I don’t fair well when my eating schedule gets fucked up.

I don’t know what it is. I have a certain way that I do things and I don’t like that to be messed with. When it gets messed with, I tend to eat weird. I don’t like eating weird.

I had cereal for breakfast knowing that I was doing lunch early with my dad (early as in 1:00, I normally eat lunch around 3:00 or sometimes even 4:00) and wanted to get some work in before he picked me up. Which I did.

We went to get Chinese, where I tried this particular place’s version of Walnut Chicken, which wasn’t bad but not the kind I think of as crack. There’s another place in town where the Walnut Chicken must be laced with crack. There is no other explanation as to why it is so very very good. Anyway, I ended up doing a lot of talking instead of a lot of eating, so I didn’t finish my meal and didn’t get the rest boxed up. By the time I got home, finished my project, took pictures of it and got it put into my online store…it was about 5:30. It was still 2.5 hours before I was being picked up by friends to go to a strip club for her birthday. And I felt like I was starving already. I ate a couple pieces of the chocolate my husband bought me the other day. I wanted to make something, but didn’t really feel like I’d have the time and wasn’t really in the mood for pasta or anything quick. I had 3 little pieces of leftover pizza from the other day, so I ate those. I was still hungry so I had another little bowl of cereal and a small bowl of ice cream for dessert.

At about 7:00, an hour before being picked up, I still felt like I was hungry. I munched on a few dried cranberries and raisins. I decided I wanted cookies, but didn’t want to go shopping for them, nor did I want a lot of them. I made a small 6-cookie batch of really super delicious chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips and walnuts. I had those with a glass of milk.


At the strip club, my friends and I picked at some nachos, tipped some girls and had a great time! They gave me a little Indian food sampler from the night before when they cooked (I couldn’t go over because I had way too much work to do) which I will probably eat for lunch tomorrow.

When I got home, my husband had his best friend over and they’d clearly been drinking the entire time I was gone. Great. I was able to read one more chapter in my book before trying to get some sleep. He had the music BLASTING right before I went upstairs because I of course asked very politely for him to keep it down. He thinks he’s so goddamn funny. He did eventually turn it down and I was able to sleep for a couple hours, but as he got more and more drunk, he got more and more loud. Of course. He kept yelling “GEET!” every 30 fucking seconds. It’s just something he does, I don’t understand why, he thinks he’s being hilarious when he does it though. I was forced to stumble downstairs at about 4 AM and ask him to please stop yelling every 30 seconds. He turned his music down and said “Oh I think you mean me…sorry. I’ll stop.” I said thanks very much and went back upstairs where I was finally able to sleep with some form of peace and quiet.

I really just can’t understand why its so damn difficult to understand that when someone else is sleeping, you keep the volume level to a whisper. You don’t scream shit in the middle of the night. You just don’t. It’s rude and unpleasant for everyone involved. It’s not cute or funny. I have to work tomorrow. I have to get sleep so I can function properly the next day. He hasn’t had a job in a year. He’s forgotten what its like to have to wake up in the morning and work.

So while I didn’t go on a binge, I definitely ate pretty badly for the day. Which is fine, sometimes people have cookies for dinner. It won’t kill me as long as I don’t have cookies every DAY for dinner hehe. I didn’t get the chance to do any working out at all today. This does upset me a bit, but I will make up for it tomorrow by hitting the gym. I once again have a lot of work to do, but nothing I can’t handle! I will get shit done and I will be happy!


Comments on: "Good day for socialization, weird day for food" (3)

  1. today’s exercise session will feel amazing after having a rest day. i’m excited for your gym adventure! and i can absolutely imagine your adorable voice and happy spirit narrating this entire blog entry. so cute! 😀 – your husband is such an ass clown!

    • I love the terms you come up with for my husband…ex-loser…ass clown, I like that one…oh hey I also found out that he’s apparently tried to sleep with every single one of my friends during times that I was out of town. He would claim that he and I were “swingers” and that it was ok. I knew of one incident like this. I didn’t realize there were more. I’m fairly positive that none of them actually slept with him.

      So we can add “complete and utter womanizing pig” to that list of terms.

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