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I’ve LOVED having this house (mostly) to myself for 3 days. I got to sleep downstairs in the big bed last night instead of up in the cold attic. I love waking up to an empty house with no one to be quiet for. I can do my yoga whenever I want without worrying about when HE is getting up and wanting to use the living room. I hope he doesn’t fuck everything up with this girlfriend like he did the last one by…you know…being himself.


I am sorry, I just had a bowl of cereal this morning. I was too stressed and too busy to really make much of anything else. I DID get my yoga in though! I watched a really super cute episode of Good Eats too while doing it, so that put me in a really good mood. Yoga is amazing for relieving stress. As is Alton Brown.


It took me a minute to remember what I had!! I remembered why I didn’t take a picture of it. I tried to make Straciatella soup, which resulted in a great tasting, but completely fucked up dish. The eggs turned out more scrambled in this rather than nice strands of egg…well you know, I never made this before so oh well. I’ll know how to do it right next time. It WAS completely delicious if thats any consolation to anyone! It’s just basically Itallian egg drop soup, so it’s made with cheese and eggs in a chicken broth. Easy enough ingredients, hard to get just right it seems…


Blackberry Chicken

I have used this recipe many times before. Find it here. I did switch out a couple details. I seared the chicken in olive oil and a little butter for 20 minutes, 10 mins for each side. Then I let it sit covered on my plate while I used the same pan with all the beautiful little brown pieces, juices and butter to cook the onions, broccoli, and then instead of mushrooms I used cubed eggplant. I also had no avocado so that wasn’t in it either. Then I added the sauce ingredients that I whisked together in another bowl (subing the sugar for honey this time around) and let that cook down for a little bit until the sauce thickened up a bit. Then I just dumped it all on top of my chicken hehe. Really good! As usual!


Earlier in the day when I was shopping I picked up a box of Jolly Rancher jelly candy. I did pick a box (out of the varieties of candies) that had the least amount of servings in the box with the least amount of calories. Knowing full well I would be eating the whole thing hehe. So I did good. It’s that sweet tooth, it’s been insatiable lately. For dessert after dinner I still had my usual small bowl of ice cream and a few of those mini Tootsie pops as well. (We’ve had them sitting around since Halloween). But man, I hope my sweet tooth dies down just a little. Hehe. I’m doing my very best at not going all bingy on myself whilst still allowing a “normal” amount of sweets so I don’t go completely crazy. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow!

Exercise: 1/2 hour of yoga, 1 hour at the gym


Comments on: "I don’t care if he never comes home" (4)

  1. THIS is why I j’adore you: “I tried to make Straciatella soup, which resulted in a great tasting, but completely fucked up dish.” – I am rolling on the floor with laughter! πŸ˜€ Love you so much, Miss Pistachio! (gwendolyn does, too!!!). πŸ™‚ xxx

    • You should have seen “The Tasting”…I sipped a small spoonful so very cautiously hoping it at least didn’t taste like ass since thats what it looked like…I’m certain my relief was a sight to behold! And no one saw it!!

  2. PS: Fuck your husband and his girlfriend. You can do SO much better. And I’m thrilled for your new life. Thrilled, in fact, is an understatement! πŸ˜€

    • He’s all of a sudden spending his evenings at home again, so I think she found out something particularly undesirable about him. Only took 3 days! THAT’S how much baggage he has!

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