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I do apologize ahead of time as I realize a lot of people who follow me on here are vegetarian or vegan due to moral reasons and will not want to see fish-gutting pictures. So here is a fair warning that they are included in this post as I am proud of my weird accomplishment.

I totally never get to eat fish. Shitbag bought a fishing license the other day and brought me one because he knew I really really wanted to learn to gut and clean my own fish. I don’t know why. It’s just all part of the cooking experience for me I guess. And I love camping, so it would be an awesome life-skill to have. ALSO if he goes fishing, I can pay him a couple bucks for a couple fish and it would save me a TON of money knowing how to prepare it myself. AND I’LL GET TO EAT FISH ON A REGULAR BASIS!!!

At least shithead likes me sometimes.


Scrambled Eggs with Kale

Ok this turned out WAY better than I thought it would. I sauteed the kale with a little onion and diced tomato in olive oil until it was wilted. I scrambled the eggs separately, 2 of them, with a little milk, garam masala and a pinch of cardamom. S&P to taste of course. And then mixed them together and threw some dried cranberries on top. Um yeah what the hell was it about this? It was REALLY really good!!! Less is more!


Kale and Smoked Turkey Sausage Soup

This was so good I’d BETTER remember what I put in it.

1.5 cups Beef Stock
About 1/2 cup Water
Probably a bit too much Olive Oil (I’ll explain that)
Small pat of Butter (maybe 1 t)
1 medium Carrot, cubed
1/2 Turkey Sausage link (you know, a bratwurst-sized link)
Big handful of Kale
A little diced Onion
1 t Garlic Powder
1.5 T Lime Juice
1 Bay Leaf
S&P (not too much salt though, there’s plenty already in there)

I started to pour the olive oil in and the top pourer thing fell off. So I accidentally poured a TON of oil into the pan…I tried to take as much as I could back out, but the bottom was pretty coated. I added a little butter anyway…Mmmmm…hehe…and sauteed the onions, carrot and sausage in it for a little while. I added the stock, water, lime juice, bay leaf and seasonings along with the kale. I covered it and let it cook for about 10-15 minutes…whenever the kale is wilted and carrots are cooked. Take out the bay leaf and serve!


FISH TIME with Mz. P!!!!

My fishy friend!!! He’s a rainbow trout! He doesn’t talk much.

I think he officially ceases to be my friend anymore at this point.

Gutless. My fishy friend has been emptied!

Skin pulls off with the head. All in one swipe!

I then splashed on some olive oil, lemon juice, salt, lemon pepper and dill, wrapped it in foil and cooked it over a campfire my shithead husband had started in the backyard. It was……FANTASTIC! Fan fucking tastic. I’ve never had fish this fresh before in my life. Oh. My. God. You haven’t lived until you’ve eaten fish this fresh.

I also had about a cup of mixed corn and peas as a side dish. With a little salt and margarine.


I hope you at least sort of enjoyed my adventures in fishy-gutting land! I was really super proud of me. I know a lot of you won’t be…don’t be mad! He went to a good home in my tummy! I didn’t waste him at all! I just really like learning really weird little skills…it will benefit my diet in the end as I will be able to incorporate more fish in it! YAY!!!

Exercise: 1/2 hour of yoga, 1/2 hour on the stair stepper, gutting and cooking fish



Comments on: "FISH!!! (WARNING: Gutting pictures included!)" (4)

  1. Eh, I’ve seen all of the PETA videos: it takes a lot to shock me. Even though I personally would rather not eat fish, I really respect you for gutting one yourself, acknowledging that it was a living creature, and accepting where it came from. You make peace with the origin of your food before you eat it: I can’t stand people who cringe at the sight of a fish with its head on in a restaurant, but will eat crappy processed fish fingers or something without any qualms at all.


    • WOW thank you! I really appreciate that you see where I’m coming from even though you wouldn’t eat it yourself. I revel in the work of preparing my food and knowing where it comes from, being certain of its freshness, and leaving the middle-man out as much as possible. I am proud to eat in such a way where I can truly say “I DID THIS!” and no one but me controls what goes into my body. It’s probably some of the ED craziness manifesting itself differently in my head, but I would rather want to eat as little processed crap as possible and be as healthy as I can than be calorie-counting crazy regardless of what’s processed and what’s not. Your words are so kind an encouraging!

  2. HeatherInTX said:

    Hi Mz Pistachio!!

    I have been reading you blog for a few months now, and I really enjoy it!!

    Sorry that you are going through a divorce. It sounds like you and your husband still care very much for each other, and that is normal. Sometimes people aren’t compatible as husband and wife, but maybe more-so as friends. I think it is common, but still traumatic to go through it. (((( Hugs ))))

    Your FRESH fish sounds so wonderful!! And it looked (cooked, of course) delicious!! The gutting pictures didn’t bother me at all, but I am sure people appreciate the ‘warning’ at the top of your post! Woo hoo for getting more fish from your husband(ex), I’d take full advantage of that!!

    I think you are probably correct in the fact that all of the exercise you do is what is causing the loss of inches. If your weight is the same and the inches go down, then you should have nothing to worry about!! As long as you are feeling strong mentally and physically!! :O)

    Take care, HeatherInTX :O)

  3. I enjoyed this post, actually. I could never gut a fish or eat a fish with a head, but I enjoyed seeing your happiness about the process. Oh how I LOVE fresh fish! I think you’l so much enjoy my upcoming WIAW because in an attempt to save money, my freezer is currently stocked with fish from Alaska. Yes, I’m jumping out on a limb by stocking it up and not buying sushi nearly every night! 🙂 And your corn and peas have inspired me to grill some ‘corn on the cob!’ I think this will, indeed, be an exciting summer of WIAWs . . . please do some interesting things with your fish because I vant some inspiration (said like a vampire – i think your fish’s blood inspired me, haha!). 😀

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