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And really, it was only half my life.

I still have the other half to pick up later.


I woke up really early and packed up much of my work room. I also did my laundry and packed it up as well. I took apart my huge wooden work table myself (which I often do) and also packed a box of food that I know shithead won’t eat and it’ll just go bad. I can come back for my non-perishables later. Shithead also had his best friend over, he’s actually the one who helped me get some of my heavier things out. The one time I asked ex-loser for help (a box of fabric, not even anything big or furniture-like) he loudly complained the entire 45 seconds it took to get it outside and into the car. “You know if you took this thing off the wall you could get the door open wider.” “Ow I hurt my finger!” Blah blah blah….I’m so glad I will never have to listen to him complain just so he can hear the sound of his own damn voice ever again.


I had another bowl of cereal identical to yesterdays. I thought it may be a bit redundant to take yet another picture of the same cereal hehe.


Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich and a banana

Yep. Thats all I had time for.

I ran a carload of stuff to my brothers, emptied out a box so I could use it to get more supplies, then made one more trip. Luckily, shithead had to take his friend home, so he left before I did. This was nice because there were no awkward goodbyes. I wasn’t really up to dealing with that. My brother was more than helpful getting everything inside and upstairs. We spent the evening getting computer networks set up and watching The Daily Show and Colbert Report. It was really nice to be here.


I forgot to take a picture, but I had one of those grocery store sushi packs. Ours has a sushi counter, so it’s not like they were pre-made and shipped in from somewhere else, it was made right there a little earlier that day. It was the spicy salmon roll, none of that mayo crap on top, with avocado. Perfect ending to my day.

I am happy.

Exercise: Moving


Comments on: "Packing up your life sucks" (4)

  1. I hate your lunch, but I love your exercise. šŸ™‚

  2. I love your lunch, but I hate your exercise šŸ˜‰ Not in the respect of what moving signifies for you, just that I know how stressful moving can be, even in better circumstances.

    The pasta dish you made in your last post looks absolutely gorgeous. The only cheese I liked when I was veggie was Goat’s cheese (I was on the fence about Mozarella…the others were all ick to me).


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