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When moving my shit I had a small box that I put certain “VERY essential essentials” into. It was my “protect-with-your-life” box. Sure, I need my toothbrush and some shampoo and clothes and whatnot, but these were the irreplaceables. The motivators. The sentimental values. This box was the first thing to be moved in.

Some things it contains:

  • A TARDIS my friend made for me for my birthday last year that also contains my passport
  • The birthday card my mom gave me with the dog and cupcake
  • The Ariel pen my brother brought me from Disneyworld
  • My camera
  • A custom-painted My Little Pony my brother brought me from a nerd convention
  • A blue skull necklace I got in Portland
  • My street map of London (that has much wear and tear from use while I was there and for use when, not if, WHEN I eventually go back)

And these:

The Kate Spade purse that I won from Nicole and her card with a picture of Gwendylon on it.

I put all the love in the world into this box. Anything that reminded me that I am loved. Anything that reminded me to love myself. And anything that reminded me that my future is going to be amazing and bright. ALL of you are part of that. The purse and card were a symbol for everyone here. Thank you so much.

Breakfast (for Nicole):

Eggs on toast with ketchup!!!!!! My brother made me breakfast and offered me ketchup for my eggs…how could I say no knowing how disappointed Nicole would be in me if I didn’t drown my breakfast in the stuff??? So Nicole, this one’s for you!!


Creamy Mushroom and Leek Soup

I quite literally measured out almost nothing. But this was WONDERFUL so I will try and share.

1/2 cup Chicken Broth
1/2 cup 2% Milk (I think I added a little more later too)
Sour Cream (I’m guessing on this…..maybe 1/4 of a cup?)
1/2 cup baby bella Mushrooms, sliced
1/4 Leek, sliced
Small pat of Butter
Olive Oil
Flour to thicken
S&P to taste

REALLY SUPER easy. Let the leeks soften in a bit of olive oil and butter. Add the mushrooms and allow to cook until they start to brown. Add liquids and bring to a simmer. Add sour cream. Simmer until the sour cream is incorporated. Add a big sprinkle of ground Thyme, probably about 1/2 t. Add as much flour as you need to thicken, I probably added about 1 T. S&P to taste. YES! So delicious! And it was the first thing I cooked in my brothers house! ^_^ YAY!!


Whoops…forgot a picture. Sorry kids! It was pretty too! A nice piece of salmon, some sticky rice with seasoning and a cabbage salad with a little ginger dressing. My brother made it for me, SO sweet of him. He does not need to feed me. But he’s a nice fucking guy. ^_^


JUST SO EVERYONE KNOWS I have in fact been on a steady snacking diet of chocolate and candy for the past 3 days. I am incredibly proud of how long this bag has lasted me so far though so I am in no way judging myself. I’ve been working hard and don’t mind treating myself this week. In my bag o candy that I bought on Monday I had: 5 of those Russell Stovers Cookies N Cream bunnies (the 7 oz ones, so not the super huge ones), a bag of Starburst Jelly Beans, a bag of easter Candy Corn, and 2 boxes (so all in all 8) Cadbury Cream Eggs. At the end of today I still have 1.5 Cookies N Cream bunnies, 1/4 of the bag of Jelly Beans, 1/2 of the bag of Candy Corn and 1 box (4) of Cadbury Eggs. A year ago it would have been SO easy for me to binge on all of this in one night. I feel accomplished. And it hasn’t been hard either. Not at all. It feels natural to only eat a little bit at a time. I feel great!

Exercise: 1/2 hour of yoga, Putting together table, workroom, running up and down stairs all day setting things up.


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