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I hate it when I visit people and they coax me there by telling me that they will give me gas money to visit them…but then don’t give it to me.

I mean, GRANTED, they did pay for my lunch and the cupcake ingredients…but I could have has just stayed home and made myself lunch from what I had in the fridge and not spent $20 in gas. 😦 So really, I’m kinda upset. It’s very awkward to offer someone gas money, but then force them to ASK you for it, making them look like an asshole who doesn’t really care to come see you and only wants the money you offered them. Not cool. Not cool at all. The next time they try to do that, I will have to say something. I mean, I HIGHLY doubt they even realize that its rude and they probably thought I “didn’t want it” or whatever which is why I “didn’t ask for it”. But like, yeah…its awkward to ask people for money in ANY situation. So please, if you offer someone money for anything, don’t make them beg for it. Just give it to them. They will greatly appreciate it.

Talking to her right now she JUST admitted that she forgot to give me gas money. I explained that I “felt bad” about asking for it. She says she’ll mail it to me if she has to. So she did at least try to redeem herself. That is nice. But I still feel awkward arranging for her to send me money via PayPal. Maybe for future reference she’ll remember.


My brother made me eggs and toast again. No ketchup this time though! Hehe!

It was gonna be a long ass day. I stopped at my husband’s house to take pictures of my recent project (my photo setup/backdrop/lighting umbrellas/etc are all still there) and figured I had plenty of time as he had an hour and a half long drive that morning and he would probably be super hungover from his weekend away. I showed up around 10. I took pictures and started adjusting them on my computer when someone pulled into the driveway…it was his dad. He’s technically the landlord so I guess he came over to do yardwork and whatnot. Whatever…he didn’t walk inside or anything. So I kept working and about 5 freaking minutes later my husband came home. UHG. Goddamn, I just wanted half an hour alone to get this shit done. I didn’t realize it was going to be a friggin’ party at the house. So we chat for a bit and he gives me the cheese I gave him $10 for (which he only spent about $6 of  and kept the rest…lovely…) and I get out of there to go drive to my friend’s house.


No lunch really…too much crap happening. We munched on a little pita bread and hummus but I hardly count that as lunch.


Seafood and Vegetable Ramen

The was the half I DIDN’T eat. No joke. The bowl was THAT BIG! I accidentally left my leftovers at my friends house. I had it in a take-out bag next to my purse so I wouldn’t forget it. My friend insisted on keeping it in her fridge even though I knew it would be perfectly fine whether it was in a fridge for a couple hours or not and I KNEW I was going to forget it if it wasn’t where I could see it. I forgot it. Goddamn it. It was good, a little bland. I added a crapton of this crushed red pepper seasoning and soy sauce and that helped a lot. So it was ok.

So we made cupcakes. Everyone knows I’m incredibly proud of my cupcake making abilities. I make a DAMN MEAN cupcake. I had little to no control over these cupcakes though, my friend picked a recipe and even though its not how I would make them, I trusted her and figured they’d be ok pretty much no matter what. I asked her if she had all the ingredients. She said yes. And yet we still stopped to get ingredients on the way home from the asian restaurant because she said she “thought they were out of flour”.

Out of everything, that was the one thing we DIDN’T need.

These were raspberry cupcakes. She had no raspberries. TECHNICALLY the only reason we stopped was for flour…but then while we were there she says “Oh yeah, we need raspberries too.” Uh…yeah, they’re raspberry cupcakes. Yes, we need raspberries. You had previously lead me to believe you had all of this already, now it turns out you don’t have 2 main ingredients…this is going to go well.

So we start making them and first realize there is plenty of flour and we didn’t need to buy any. Secondly, we have no eggs. Cool. So we have to go back to the grocery store to get eggs. THEN we come back and she tells me the recipe calls for buttermilk and she doesn’t have any. Neat. There is a way you can make makeshift buttermilk with milk and vinegar, so we just do that in an attempt not to have to go shopping AGAIN.

We make them and they look ok and then we go to make the frosting. It calls for 8 cups of powdered sugar. She has one little box that she insists is 8 cups. I could tell it was not. It was 4 cups. But I just kind of tried to trust her. Hey, it was only 4 cups and not nearly enough. Nifty. So we had to send her fiance out to buy more. The frosting still turned out like shit.

These were absolutely terrible. I would NEVER put my name on them. I’ve learned during baking unless I have full control over what is going on, stuff turns out bad. When I make them myself, they turn out amazing. This was a disaster from beginning to end. I mean. Total. Disaster. They were dry as hell. The frosting tasted ok but the consistency was completely off. I would say it was more like a glaze but it wasn’t even that. It was just…goop.

I had a really good time at my friend’s I really did! This post makes it seem like I had no fun at all. I really had a great day with them. Just….I’ve learned I do not like baking with other people. Hehe. And of course she would like to try again sometime. Ok, but next time I get to pick the recipe and plan on having pretty much total control over it to make certain things will turn out perfectly. These things took us 4 HOURS TO MAKE and they were terrible. I will never waste 4 hours making something shitty ever again.

Exercise: None.


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