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Being girly is fun!

I never pamper myself. Sometimes I come home from the gym and don’t even take a shower because I’m so rushed. I haven’t re-dyed my hair since Valentine’s Day. I never do my nails. I hardly get to dress up nice, half the time when I leave the house I’m walking somewhere so I just wear a tshirt and jeans. You don’t even want to think about how long I’ve gone without shaving my legs.

Tonight I got to be girly with my sister in law. She’s big into nail polish, so I got to paint my nails with her! They are bright sunshine yellow and they make me incredibly happy to look at! I’m hoping I will take the time more often to just give myself a little “me” pampering time. Though I definitely considering cooking pampering my body as well, from the inside out, it would be nice to take a little extra effort on JUST the outside.

I told Future Husband #1 that I was making myself pretty by painting my nails. He of course tells me that I am already pretty, but he is glad that it is making me happy.

I also got called into my retail job today! WHAT? That’s right, for the first time in 3 and a half weeks I got to go to work. I enjoy it there, the customer always respond really well to me. I think it’s the hair. So I was excited to go in! It was a good day.


Cinnamon, Raisin, Cranberry and Walnut Quinoa

1/3 cup uncooked Quinoa
2/3 cup Water
2/3 cup Milk
1 T Lemon Honey (or any honey)
Dried Cranberries

Cook the quinoa in water as directed (covered for about 10 minutes). Uncover and add 1/3 cup milk. Simmer until all the liquid is absorbed. Repeat with the second 1/3 cup of milk and toss in the honey, raisins and cranberries (however many you’d like). Let that absorb. Take off the heat and add walnuts. Serve with a big dollop of yogurt on top. Freaking delicious!


I went into work today, so I had a turkey wrap sandwich and a banana for lunch!


Whole Wheat Penne with Mushroom Sausage sauce

I didn’t measure anything. I sauteed some onion and crushed garlic in butter and oil. Added some diced green and yellow pepper and about half a small diced tomato. Then the sausage and finally the mushrooms. I pushed all that to one side of the pan, and on the other melted a chunk of cream cheese. Then added about 1/3 cup of milk and 1/8 cup of chicken stock. Melted about 1/8 cup of grated Romano in that, then mixed the whole pan together. I added some basil and a little cinnamon.  I allowed that to cook down and thicken up for a minute or 2. Then served it on top of some whole wheat penne. Fanfuckingtastic yo. My brother and sister in law went out for dinner since I was gone late, so I was perfectly happy to make myself something quick and easy and awesome. ^_^

The landlord DID finally get back to me letting me know that he was just busy and that he was sorry and when is a good time to call? So I let him know she was working Thursday evening. I’m really really hoping he doesn’t forget. I really can’t stand this whole not knowing whats going on BS. I just want to be completely sure I don’t have to live here at my brothers any longer than I absolutely have to.

Exercise: 1/2 hour of yoga, 6 hours at retail job


Comments on: "Being girly is fun!" (6)

  1. Your breakfast sounds yummy!! I’ve never even considered using quinoa in breakfast!! It’s genius!!!

    I will have to try that this weekend.

    Have a great weekend and good luck with the landlord.


    • Thank you so much! It comes out almost like a porridge, you can find lots of recipes online! Check them out! ^_^

      I tried following your blog, and it keeps yelling at me telling me my email isn’t valid…:< Boooooo. I will find a way around it!

      Thanks for the encouragement! I'm sure all is fine, I'm just such a worrier. I dislike lack of direction in my life and uncertainty of my future…it just kills me to not know.

      • Tried this for breakfast yesterday and a massive thank you… It was SO SO YUMMY, filling and satisfying. And I was nicely fuelled for my workout 🙂

        Love your blog! 🙂 XX

      • YAY!!! So glad you liked it!! It’s neat all the ways you can put good things into your body at any time of day. The complete protein that the quinoa provides is PERFECT to fuel a workout. SO cool to hear someone tried one of my recipes…and liked it! Thank you so much for telling me!

  2. Mmm, the breakfast looks so divine, especially in the gorgeous red bowl! – I’ve already enjoyed two KIND bars, but my stomach is absolutely craving this pictured deliciousness. Perhaps for lunch. 🙂 What colour did you paint your nails? I’m currently addicted to Butter London polish. Mwah!

    • My sister in law has lots of “Butter London” polishes! I will totally have to try one of them and get some pictures! Also, ANY time I see a KIND bar I think of you…and we just started selling them at my retail job in the cafe!!! I will be certain to try one just for you!

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