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Today I had to go out with my husband to switch car title stuff over to my name. On a day I was hoping to spend about $30 on supplies and title stuff I ended up spending about $70. Turns out they make you buy a whole new set of license plates when you switch a title over. You can’t just transfer the name attached to the plates. I had no idea. This is a small setback for me. I am sad. Getting divorced is expensive.

So while I DID have my first month’s rent saved up, I now do not. Ah well, at least the car is definitely definitely mine now and I don’t have to worry about that anymore. I also did not get to do my yoga which always makes me sad. I left at 9:30 thinking I could be home by 11. I didn’t get home till about 2. Uhg.


My brother made me eggs and an English muffin for breakfast this morning. I had a little grape jelly on the muffins. Nothing else exciting about them though.


This was just some grilled cheese with some strawberry cheese dip and a few mini Nilla Wafers. Trying to get shit done has left me with boring meals and I’m really sorry. At least I took a picture of this one.


My brother made dinner and for the life of me I cannot remember what it was. My brain has stopped functioning entirely apparently. This is at least the first time I legit can’t recall what I ate. If I remember, I will add it to this post.

I think maybe having to spend half the day with my husband turned me into a drooling moron.

Exercise: None. 😦 While it was not an unproductive day, I got no yoga, no walking and no gym time in. Sadface.



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  1. Oh yum. Am I ever lusting over that lunch of yours. I’m not too sure about the strawberry cheese dip (though it sounds like it could taste like strawberry cheesecake – oh yummy), but the grilled cheese and Nilla wafers are the most beloved tastes of my childhood.

    • My brother came home with strawberry cream cheese yesterday and then remembered I had that cheese dip and that they would probably taste rather similar hehe. I also enjoy that when I am afraid everyone will consider a meal “boring” that it seems to be the ones people really like! Before this week I couldn’t even TELL you how long it had been since I had Nilla Wafers…probably not since I was a kid!

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