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I got called into work today. I was more than happy to go in as I really need the money right now. I walk into the back room and everything is all decorated with “Happy Retirement!” accompanied with many sweet treats. As I instinctualy grab for a small brownie I know who this is for, though it wasn’t known to anyone that it was happening today. This is for the amazing lady who first hired me 10 years ago. She’s been with the company 35 years. She and I are good friends.

Today is her last day at work.

I wouldn’t have missed working with her today, giving each other a hard time through many giggles, messing with the customers and making them and ourselves laugh out loud…for the world.

I will miss her so very much. But she will be around! We can’t get rid of her that easily. ^_^

But because I got called in early today, my schedule was a bit thrown off and I got no pictures of any of my food. I’m sorry! I will make it up to you with REAL pretty foods once I finally move out next week!


Just a quick cereal! Had to be fast so I could take a shower and run out the door!



I made myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch along with a pear to bring to work. Then at work I totally had like, 2 brownie bites, 2 pieces of cake and 2 little mini cupcake things. It’s a celebration! I’m allowed to have some treats!


I had that last serving of lentils! I can’t believe I had the same dinner 3 times this week! That’s just crazy for me! It also goes to show how friggin’ good these lentils were.


Tomorrow we go to my dad’s for dinner and so I can beg for money from him. I feel bad about it, but I know he’ll get it back eventually. No big deal! He is more than happy to help as well. I shouldn’t feel so awful, most kids bleed their parents dry asking for money long after they’ve moved out. And this really is an unforeseen circumstance. “Emergency” if you will. And he will get it back. SO much craziness…one chapter of someone’s life ends and another’s begins. I’ll be in her shoes someday.

Exercise: 8 hours at retail job



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