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I’ve once again, in the light of packing and getting shit done as quick as I can, have taken no pictures. But I do have a couple of interesting stories, so I will update anyway.

Facebook is an interesting place. You can make someone feel like crap in a completely new and harmless way. Just updating something that seems general and random but YOU realize is directed toward YOU opens doors to hurt others in a way you never thought possible. Or at least try to…

Potential Future Husband #1 has this awesome ex girlfriend. She’s cool as fuck. I really truly like her a lot. We are Facebook friends and actually chat on a fairly regular basis. While we both realize the other is awesome, we both also realize that the other is direct competition. You see, she is not the one who broke up with HIM 2 years ago. So she is still rather infatuated with my future mate. She’s also super jealous of me, my physique, my wit and my obvious connection with her ex. Keep your enemies closer?

Today she made an update that, for a split second, made my heart fall into my stomach.

She’d claimed she was on a date with him.

And I knew, this update was for me. This was meant to hurt ME. While everyone else on her Facebook congratulated her and asked for details, I was left wondering….wait a minute…just because SHE thinks they are on a date does NOT mean they are. And of course, even if they ARE on a date, what is this, High School? I’m 31. I have no claim to this man whatsoever. He is free to date whomever he wants. I just need to make certain that I get a date eventually as well.

But I guarantee, and I would put money on this, that it is not a date.

Oh being single certainly is an adventure, isn’t it?


Remember, I’ve a total lack of pictures today. I am sorry. Just a bowl of cereal today I’m afraid. Much much work to do before packing!


PB&J, half an avocado and a few baby carrots.


Homemade pizza!!! And no pictures! GAAAAH! My brother made a pizza from scratch, including letting the dough for the crust rise overnight and everything. He put sausage and fresh mozzarella on it. It was completely wonderful! Though he was convinced he’d totally messed up the crust, it tasted wonderful! We’re both hard on ourselves when we cook.

On top of all the other fun I’ve had today, I have to get my rent out of my PayPal. It only lets me take out $300 a day. I need $860 by tomorrow. Awesome. I can take out $300 today and $300 tomorrow, but still need another $260. Which means I have to ask my ex-jerk for help. Lovely.

Don’t worry, fun updates about ex-girlfriends are sure to ensue!

Exercise: 4 mile walk. My feet had to be bandaged up, and they still hurt a little, but I managed to not get any blisters or make my feet bleed. Yay!


Comments on: "Complete and utter lack of pictures" (4)

  1. The trials and tribulations of being single. I don’t know what it’s like in “adult-life” but I can tell you, any attempt during education/most important school years of your life is a nightmare.
    Ouch, the aftermath of that 4 mile walk did not sound nice. However, that homemade pizza certainly does!

    • Oh I rememeber trying to date when I was in school as well. Nigh-impossible I tell ya! Someohow I still managed to get pretty awesome grades…don’t know how that happened.

      Bah, it was the aftermath of all the OTHER walks that made my feet bleed and blister. THIS time was awesome because they didn’t! But it did take a lot of bandages/extra socks. My broher is amazing at pizza!!! He thinks it sucked of course, but I thought it was perfect.

  2. I am just ‘ketching-up’ on blogs, so I’ve rewound to this particular entry! I can’t wait to read the rest. My assumption is that because bit chest will be bitches, it truly was a date! I hope not! But if so, YOU, gorgeous girl, must dedicate your time elsewhere!!! More to come!

    • ~_^ There’s nothing in the rulebook that says he cannot go on a date with more than one person at a time. He’s not worth giving up on QUITE yet. Hehe. I am pretty awesome though and he’d be losing out on something great if he got back together with his ex. But as much as he complains about her, I’m gonna say its not happening.

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