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It was not a date.

He of course gave me the full rundown even though I didn’t exactly ask for it. Though I did say, “I’m off to do my yoga, while I’m gone I simply MUST know how your date went last night. ~_^”

He’s been working overtime a LOT lately. And as a way to show their appreciation and offer him a “break” of sorts, they gave him money to go out to dinner. She is a lot more available at the moment than I am. So he took her. But it was NOT a date. He ASSURED me that he will be taking me on a real date ASAP.

Ah, catty ex-girlfriends. Life is so much more interesting with you around.

P.S. I love her.


Bowl of cereal. So boring lately, I know. I will be fixing this very very soon.


I finished a project in the morning. Took it to the house to take pictures of it and fulfill arrangements with my husband to get the rest of the money out of my PayPal. He’d left me his PayPal debit card (I know his PIN of course), but I never saw him all day. I got the money I needed, paid him back immediately (through PayPal of course) and met with the landlord to sign the lease at 3:00. Went back to the house to drop off the card. Still not home. Interesting. Ran a couple more errands and got back to my brother’s at about 5:00. Practically dinner time. I made myself a small PB&J sammich. At least I had something.


WAFFLES FOR DINNER! My brother is a genius. ^_^


Tomorrow is moving day! My husband is supposed to help with moving my bed and armoire, 2 out of 3 pieces of furniture I actually own. He’s borrowing his dad’s truck to help. I’m hoping I will not have to be at my brother’s tomorrow night! Fingers crossed!

Exercise: 1/2 hour of yoga, packing



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