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So he never showed up.

I received a message from ex-stupidhead early in the morning asking what time I would be coming over. I replied that it may be somewhat early since I do have a lot of packing to do there as well, but that the actual moving of furniture can happen whenever is most convenient for him. I ended up spending most of the morning moving everything out of my brother’s. Before hitting the post office, I quickly ganked some free Wi-Fi from the Wendy’s parking lot across the street just to check and see if I had any messages. He’d left me one asking to not come over until after Noon and that he’d really appreciate it. Not a problem. It was already 12:30, so I just went right over. He was not there. Also no problem. He’s probably off picking up the truck from his dad. So I start packing stuff up. My clothes, everything on top of my armoire since I knew that would be going today, my pantry items, some pots and pans I had up in the attic from when I lived alone years ago, some books. I spent a ton of time cleaning out my coffee maker and toaster. At 5:00 I was done packing stuff for the day. He never showed up.


At least I had Jack Donaghy the cat to keep me company. He was VERY helpful, jumping in and out of boxes, running out of the room for no reason only to run back in with a confused look on his face, and talking to me while I was cleaning. Very helpful.


Cereal. So so so much work today.


Completely accidentally skipped it. I just spent so long moving and packing and unpacking and carrying heavy things. It totally skipped my mind to stop and eat.


My brother made these cute little asian beef bun sort of things. Like perrogies. And peas. Also ice cream for dessert!


I was informed by my sister-in-law that my work called and sounded a bit panicked. I called them as soon as I could and they asked if I could work that night. No freaking way, I’m exhausted. So they asked if I could go in tomorrow. All day. 2:30 – 11:00. I agreed. THEN they asked if I could come in Thursday. I have to move my bed eventually, I have my life in boxes on the floor of my new place, I have to clean everything from top to bottom before I can unpack. I have to move my bed before Saturday when the husband goes to prison. I work Saturday already. I need those 2 days. So I turned Thursday down. THEN they asked if I could work Tuesday. I went ahead and accepted even though I have no clue what other days I work next week. I know I was scheduled 2 other days. So I’m going to be so busy I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to sleep again.

Since I had no bed I was stuck staying here at my brothers for another night. They of course know my husband and know he’s unreliable (understatement) and have no qualms with me staying however long that I need to. After calling the house a couple more times, I eventually found my husband’s cell phone number and called. He answered.

“Oh I was really busy today.”

“Um….okay….so when do you want to do this?”

“Well I have to be at my mom’s tomorrow at 10.”

“I have to be at work at 2:30, so lets just say fuck it and move them on Thursday.”

“Alright, I’ll shoot you a message on Thursday then.”

No apology. No real explanation. No idea where he’s been or what he’s been doing. But both today and yesterday I fed the cat lunch realizing he won’t be coming home to do it himself. I hope he realizes he has a cat at home to take care of. It pisses me off enough that he doesn’t seem to give a shit about me or if I have a bed to sleep in, but for God’s sake, think of your cat! He can’t feed himself. Poor fucking thing.

I have a feeling I will be keeping him.

Exercise: Packing, moving, and unpacking heavy ass boxes all fucking day


Comments on: "Unreliable? Who would have thought!" (2)

  1. Oh my God! Your ex husband is a fucking d-bag!!! I’m so happy that you and kitty are breaking away for a fabulous new life!!!

    • I do think I may end up having to take the kitteh. I just can’t stand the idea of him starving all day because ex-soon-to-be-bustedface won’t come home for 5 minutes to give him food while he’s off gallivanting with his friends or whatever the fuck he’s doing. I shall bust his face and take the cat if I must. I will find a way to afford to take care of him.

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