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Mother’s day stuff!

I had a customer at work who knows me well tell me “Happy Mother’s Day!” today. Then he laughed and laughed. He knows I have absolutely zero to negative interest in having children so I went “Hardy har har!” back at him playing along with the joke. It was actually kinda cute in way.

My legs feel and look a lot better today, no longer am I freaking out about the water retention of yesterday. I’ve probably drank about a million cups of water just to get my body to be normal again. It worked. I enjoy science.

My brother changed up Mother’s Day plans for me so we could all go to my mom’s for lunch (since I had the late shift at work). Since I had little time to finish my projects from yesterday and get ready for lunch, I only had cereal for breakfast. At my mom’s we had pasta and broccoli salad, pita and hummus, and lemon pound cake. YUM! When I came home I was still a bit hungry, so had a small PB&J sammich and a handful of raisins. I made a turkey sammich to bring to work with me along with an orange for dinner.

I of course was in such a rush all day I forgot to take pics of anything at all. Bah. It was mostly boring foods anyway. Although that pasta salad was something else! Need to learn how to make me some of that.

Tomorrow I work for the 3rd day in a row at my retail job. It’s taking a toll on my at-home work, but luckily no one is freaking out about time constraints at the moment. So all is well! Maybe…JUST MAYBE…I’ll get that date soon with Potential Future Husband #1. He and I have both very much been looking forward to it.

Also maybe I’ll get some yoga in tomorrow. Today didn’t work out so well with that due to last-minute Mother’s Day plans.



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  1. Could your spelling of sandwich have made me laugh any freaking harder? Hahaha! I was at B&N on the day before mother’s day – bought my mother one of those pineapple soy candles!

    • NICE! Every time I see a Kate Spade greeting card set there, I think of you! Also, I seriously say it like that, so that’s how I write it!

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