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The battery died on my camera today.

No problem! Let me just  get my spare battery from my…oh….hey where’s my battery charger?



It seems to be missing.

This is generally an item that would go straight into my “Very Super Important Shit Box”.

I know where I usually plug it in. Yet I do not remember packing it. It must still be at brother’s somehow…I will have to go looking for it tomorrow while I am there.

Because of this though, I have no pics of my made-up dinner…which turned out decently good despite the fact I have no measurements for you. Well…I’ll hold off ordering a new one until I know for sure I can’t find it at my brother’s house.

I also got an interesting phone call today.

I have to use Google Voice as I am too poor for a real phone. When someone calls it, I get an email through Google with a “voice to text” message. I got one from ex-moron. He somehow got out of prison a day early.

I call him back and am curious as to who picked him up from jail since no one realized he was getting out today.

He said SHE did.


SHE is officially the biggest moron on the face of the Earth.

I had respect for her. I told everyone that she had a good head on her shoulders for dumping him when she found out she’d been lied to for a month. Because it had to be difficult. I’d heard she really REALLY fell for him. So I greatly respected her for her decision.

But of course, someone would have to be an absolute idiot with zero self-respect to want to date him after all of that bullshit.

I’ve written her off. She deserves him. A girl with THAT LITTLE self-respect deserves a guy like him.

I’m sure she’s nice. I’m sure she’s very pleasant and fun to be around. But she’s stupid. She’s obviously easy to control. Easy for him to keep under his thumb. He will like her for that. And he will walk all over her. And she will let him.

I did not let him.

I wish them the best of luck.

I feel painfully sorry for her.



I just had a bowl of cereal. I wanted to make biscuits, but ended up not being much in the mood for them. I was having trouble with a customer and log-in information on certain websites that I order supplies from and it was just an awful morning.


PB&Jw/B Sammich

Also honey.


I made something up entirely with pureed and diced mango, tofu, cauliflower, anise, garam masala, berry liqueur, brown sugar, half & half, butter, soy sauce and rice vinegar. And while it turned out good, I just can’t remember any measurements to save my life. My camera died while trying to take a picture of it. So I don’t see much of a point in giving details.


I put off doing work until I calmed down a bit. I don’t know how to describe how I feel. I am not upset that he is seeing someone. I am upset that someone I was so proud of and had so much faith in disappointed me.

I should also mention he is the Mayor’s daughter.

Can we say, “acting out”?

“WOW dating  a married, alcoholic, convicted felon will REALLY stick it Daddy!”

They deserve each other.


Exercise: Walk to the post office


Comments on: "Camera FAIL! Also life fail (not mine)." (3)

  1. I’m really sorry about your camera, and about the other lady. Actually it sounds like she’s been sucked in by a sociopath… 😦 can really understand you being disappointed. I actually get the acting out bit. One of the sociopath people I got with a while ago happened right after something bad with my family and I ignored all my gut feelings and fell for his charm partly because I was determined to show them that I was loved and could have a boyfriend etc (they make me feel hopeless and unloveable)… or whatever because they don’t even care.
    I hope your days get better xx

    • She is young and in college. I am hoping once she figures out that he is irresponsible, penniless, unmotivated and incapable of love…she will realize he’s not worth acting out on. Isn’t it crazy how incredibly CHARMING all of the sociopaths are? It’s because they are pros at getting what they want out of us normals and they know which buttons to push and push them often. His biggest folly is that he uses money as a crutch. He thinks buying you things, jewelry, clothes, autographed Alton Brown cookbooks…equates to love. And right now he has no money because he has no job and no one will hire him because hes got a criminal record now. He knows no other way to show love. He’s fucked. Hehe.

      I’m sorry you once had a run in with a man like this. I hope if nothing else that it was a learning experience for you. And that you got out before I did. 6 years with a sociopath is far too long.

      • even 6 seconds with a sociopath is too long IMO!! She sounds very young and vulnerable, just the way they like them unfortunately. I hope she grows up and gains some self respect asap, and then, she’s able to get out. he’s not the violent type I hope? But controlling can be emotionally as well as physically. I’m glad you got out and it sounds like you have learnt a lot and grown a lot from the experience and that you now send a strong f*ck off message to would be advantage takers. I’m good now, but sadly I still seem to attract these losers like a magnet, and that probably is because I guess I’m still a vulnerable sort of person.
        your guy sounds like a textbook case, yes 😦 and they don’t know HOW to love. they don’t have any concept of it, same as they don’t have any conscience, the closest they get to love is treating you like another object, a trophy, and ‘saying’ all the right things – as learnt from watching other people.
        Glad you got away!!

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