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You don’t binge because you don’t have the money to.

Every time I finish eating and start saying to myself  “God I could go for another bowl of cereal…” I remember that I am poor and so will have to buy more cereal quicker if I eat it all now. I do not wish to do this. So I stay satisfied with my 1 bowl of cereal.

This is the best “keeping the weight off” program yet.

Anyone else out there have real life “tricks” for eschewing a binge?

Meatless Monday!!!!


Banana Waffles with Mango Coconut Compote

I used this basic waffle recipe and substituted some of the liquid for a banana:


  • ½ cup AP FLOUR
  • ¼ cup Traditional WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR
  • ¼ cup CORN STARCH
  • 1 TBSP GROUND FLAX MEAL (optional but good for you)
  • ¼ tsp BAKING SODA
  • ½ tsp SALT
  • 2 tsp CANE SUGAR  (use refined sugar if you don’t have cane sugar)
  • 1 cup BUTTERMILK (or buttermilk substitute)
  • 1/3 cup SMART BALANCE OIL (you have to use oil and this is probably the healthiest)
  • 1 EGG (lightly beaten)
  • 1 tsp VANILLA EXTRACT (You can use two if you like)


Thoroughly mix all of the dry ingredients.  Add the wet ingredients to the dry and mix thoroughly but don’t over mix.  Let it sit for 15 minutes and give it a couple of stirs.   Let it sit for 15 more minutes

Here is a punch list of techniques to guarantee success:

  • Preheat the iron
  • Do not spray the iron with non stick spray.  Plenty of oil in the recipe
  • Fill the bottom of the iron with the correct amount of batter which will differ based on the model.
  • Close the cover and leave it alone.  Some irons have a light that says it is done.  It is not done.  The waffle will steam a lot.  When the steam slows down to barely steaming the waffle is done.  You can now open it and check.  It should be medium dark golden brown.  It steam turns to smoke you waited too long.
  • Close the iron for a minute between waffles and let it recover.
  • You can heat an oven to 200 and keep your waffles in there for a bit if you are making a lot ahead of time.  Don’t stack them on top of each other and don’t cover them or they will get soft.

Then I made a compote out of chopped mango, equal parts water and sugar and unsweetened coconut.

*Trying to experiment with making crispy waffles and then adding a banana to the batter? Well that isn’t really going to give one the results one is looking for, is it? Ah well. It was still REALLY yummy! If nothing else. Hehe. The mango topping was absolutely superb! Gave a real nice tropical feel along with the banana.


I think I just devoured a quick sammich and an apple before going into work…it was probably nothing exciting so I didn’t bother with a picture.


Since it was Meatless Monday, and the soup had chicken in it, I went with a spinach and artichoke quiche bought from our cafe. I didn’t really have time to make anything at home with all the running around I ended up doing this morning.


Work was A-MAZING! I got to work with my 2 favorite guys (G and J respectively) and I was once again not stuck behind a register all night. We were pretty slow so I got to chat with my favorite guys all night. This always makes for a pleasant work environment and a very very happy Miss P. G didn’t want me walking home in the dark, so he took me home. I’d prefer to get the exercise of course, but I’d promised another co-worker that if anyone ever offered me a ride home, I would take it if it was dark outside. (He worries about me too even though I live on a very busy main street.) We had a nice chat and are planning a lunch date next week! I have lunch fairly often with this guy, we’re good friends. I’m quite happy and excited about it.

The other co-working is Potential Future Husband #2 if he’d have me. We adore each other completely. COMPLETELY. It’s always the best day in the world when I get to work with him and our bosses normally make it a point never to schedule us together because nothing will get done. ^_^ But alas, I have certain qualities that he would probably not be able to deal with in the end. I know its me. It’s not him. I could live with him. I’m great at compromising. I don’t give a fuck what you look like, what kind of illnesses you have, or what you do as long as you love me. Not everyone works the same way I do…other people have certain “dealbreakers” and, kids…when it comes to his dealbreakers…I have a BIG one.  He doesn’t even know it yet. But trust me, I have one and he would not be able to deal with it. Ah well! We’ll be happy just being super close friends.

I let the landlord know that I have a leak under my sink. He has informed me (quite quickly actually!) that there will be plumbers here tomorrow to fix everything. YAY! I love my new landlord!!!


Exercise: 2 mile walk, 7.5 hours at retail job


Comments on: "What’s great about being poor" (5)

  1. Loving your waffles. Potential husband no. 2 sounds interesting. And hey, my belief is that if someone loves someone enough they will make it work despite dealbreakers – minds can change. Who knows what will happen 😉 xx

    • Hehe he is very interesting. He’s actually the one who really really helped me see my anxiety issues and work through them as he has had many of his own issues in his day. We sort of bonded over it. He was the first person to know that I had a major problem as I trusted him. Knowing he wouldn’t judge me or make me feel ashamed of my issues, I told him EVERYTHING. He was able to help talk me through my issues and my worries and I gained a new perspective over them. Till one day I was able to go to him and say “I am done. From here on out I wash my hands of my anxiety issues. They are GONE!” And he was so immensely proud of me. Making him proud meant the world because I love him so much.

      I still feel my OTHER issue may very well be a huge issue for him as it affects HIS former anxiety issues. I don’t really want to get into it, but I feel it would be too much of a trigger for him to be able to handle. 😦 Maybe someday I will discuss it with him if it ever comes up and see how he reacts. It may not be as bad as I think. ^_^ Thanks for the encouragement Fiona!

  2. My trick is that if I binge, I will want to purge… and purging will be breaking a promise to Gwendolyn which I shall never break. Thus, I do not binge. And I do not purge. And my food system was accordingly created, using only the foods that do not prompt bingeing.

    • Perfect plan! Seeing your WIAW also shows me you know how to use the foods that you can eat very well! (Sushi is one of my favorite things to eat in the world ever!) And you don’t seem to miss those foods that prompt binging, which was my biggest problem. Thank you for sharing darling! As far as foods that I’ve binged on, I’ve learned if I cut them entirely I am a miserable fucking wreck of a shell of a person. (Imagine ME…ME never eating cupcakes!!! It is a concept simply too dark and scary to dwell upon! ~_^) So one thing that I do is never ever buy these things. Ever. I never purchase baked goods. If I want them, I have to make them myself. And as everyone here knows, I do. ^_^ But of course, don’t often have the time to bake myself cookies all day every day. And I LOVE cooking SO MUCH that it would pain me to never make a real meal! I couldn’t possibly replace all of my wonderful veggies and lean meats with sweets all the time! So it really works and is an absolutely wonderous compromise!

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