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This was the day I took in trade for my Saturday night. Looking forward to it because I get to work it with one of my favorite men there! YAY! AND will be happy the whole time knowing that Saturday I don’t have to work. I’m starting to get nervous about my date. Hehe. We talk every day and he tells me how excited he is and he’s hoping I come over a little early…which I probably will.

I don’t want him to be my rebound.

He was sort of my rebound the first time. 10 years ago. I won’t let that happen to him again.

So there probably won’t be much hanky panky here people. I know you were looking forward to it and all.


Veggie Breakfast Scramble

Sauteed some onions, garlic, potatoes, carrots, green pepper and zucchini. Scrambled some eggs on the side with a little milk. Added some dried parsley, salt and pepper. Grated a little Pepperjack and Sharp Cheddar on top. Heaven.


Man the angle on that ham sammich makes it look amazing! You can tell how small it actually is though next to that apple. No, its not a ridiculously large apple. It’s a small sammich hehe.


I had some leftover tomato pasta sauce I’d made from a while ago. I boiled up a cup and a half of pasta really quickly and tossed it into the sauce and brought it to work. FINALLY I’m learning how to not let food go bad! I HATE wasting food. Next project: Use up that eggplant in there as it is already getting a bit wrinkled. CANNOT THROW AWAY! NOOO throwing away food anymore!


Work would have been better had they put me on the salesfloor. Instead I had to cashier all night. Meaning I didn’t get to speak with G at all. Not cool. This made me sad. BUT he did take me home. He’s so incredibly sweet. He said he can’t stand the thought of something happening to me walking home that late at night. And I am NEVER an inconvenience for him to take home (I only live a 5 minute drive up the street). So of course as soon as we walk outside, he motions his head to his car and says “Come on!” I don’t fight. I’d love to go on a night walk, but I didn’t get to talk to him all night, and he would feel terrible if he didn’t take me home. So I skipped alongside of him and chatted away to his car. We made a lunch date for next Saturday. We have lunch all the time. So it’s not a “date” date. I really do like him though. He’s another one of those older guys who isn’t really remotely attractive to most other people. But I like him. He loves good food and good music and British nerd TV and board games and books. And I’ve decided, just now, that I would fuck him.

Something I think I’ve learned about me: I equate sex with friendship. If I’m really close to you mentally, I want to be close to you physically. I want to make you feel good. I’ve had sex with a lot of my friends in my day (obviously not while I’m married) and somehow, it never managed to complicate anything. Potential Future Husband #1 was one of those. I think they knew I was doing it BECAUSE we were close friends. And it was what I knew they wanted. And I love sex, so I loved doing it for them. It made me happy to make them happy.

I love the people in my life SO MUCH there is quite literally nothing I wouldn’t do for them.

Exercise: 2 mile walk to work, 8 hours on my feet at retail job


Comments on: "Will work for date Pt. 2" (2)

  1. Both your breakfast and your sanger make me hungry. They look too good. And I’m looking forward to seeing how you use the eggplant.
    Potential husband no. 2. sounds better and better the more I read đŸ™‚

    • I guess he’d be more of a #3…so I’ve got 2 Potential Future Husbands at work and 1 not at work. They’re all just…wonderful. All of them. They all treat me like a queen. They all amaze me in different ways. I’m the kind of girl who just…I hate putting it this way because it sounds conceited, but it’s true…just has a line of guys waiting for her at all times. I never stay boyfriendless for long. If I am, it’s because I choose to be. Not because I have to be. I haven’t NOT had a significant other for Valentine’s Day since I was 14. OH the eggplant!! I need to post that now. Hehe. It was fantastic.

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