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This sucks

I had a banana.

And the only reason I did that was because I was going dancing and can’t afford to have an ambulance called on me if I pass out.

I wore a super tiny crocheted rainbow top and a little black skirt. My entire midsection was showing. I look like I’m dying. I look like shit.

I hate it.

His ex-girlfriend got to see him. She lives in the same apartment complex as him. I did not get to see him. She had to go and post all over Facebook about how much he loved his birthday present she gave him and all that.

I need a smoke/dinner.

Please don’t tell G…

(I can’t fucking stand the thought of hurting him.)

Comments on: "This sucks" (1)

  1. Again, this guy is a total fucking douschebag.

    If you continue following him around like a puppy, then I might need to stop reading your blog for a while because it’s annoying.

    He needs to be chasing you. Why degrade yourself for a loser? That’s exactly what he sounds like to me.

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