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Alt date

Date with #3.

It never really counts as a date though, we go out all the time. We’re friends. That’s what friends do.

But now that I’m separated it feels like a date.

It’s ok, I want it to be.

I wake up at 5:00 AM. Fuck no. Seriously? Go back to sleep brain! I get restless sleep for 1 more hour and give up at 6:00 AM. Alright so now I’m awake. I’ve got….7 hours before I get picked up. What to do?

Anything any abnormal person would do.

Make curtains.

I start on this massive project that involves getting rid of a lot of scrap fabric. I’ve been meaning to do this for months. No time like the present. I’ve already cut all my scraps into squares. Lets do this.

I spend the next 5 hours sewing.

I get 1 panel of a curtain done. Goddamn, no wonder I put this off, this shit takes forever.

It looks SO cool though.

I eat the leftover baked french toast that I made about a week ago. Still fucking delicious. Damn.

I hang up my half of a curtain. It looks so great. Just so cool. I love it.

I look at the clock and notice its 11:30. Shit! I’ve got to take a shower and get ready! Getting picked up in an hour and a half!

I take a shower, make myself up, clean the place a bit (sweep kitchen floor, pick up room after sewing, etc) and wait.

When he shows up, I give him the grand tour. Nobody has seen my place yet save for the 2 people who helped move me in. He feels special. Which of course he is. I HAD to show him my curtain that I spent all morning on. He loves it. Says he thought I bought it until I said I made it. He’s so sweet to me. Just gotta find another 5 hours to make the other panel.

We go to my favorite Indian restaurant where we have an absolutely awesome time. We’re entertaining other guests with our amazing conversations, I hear giggles all over the place. He tells me he’s actually a picky eater. I don’t believe him. He says he doesn’t like certain foods, but then also says hes only tried them once. I throw up my hands in protest and say “That’s it! You’re coming over when I get my table and I’m cooking for you because I said so!” He says he’d love to. Of course he is scared. I’m VERY daring with my cooking. But he’s also incredibly curious. I know him.

We’re having so much fun chatting that after lunch he asks if I’d like to go get coffee too. He pays for lunch (awwwww) and we go to a coffee shop close to work (which he also pays for…awwww!). We continue having a great time chatting about everything. We NEVER have lull in our conversation. Everything he likes is just so cool it gets me amped. He amazes me.

We go to work and I let everyone there know that he took me out. I have a girl there that I have a crush on, she was working. I told her about my lunch date and she says “You’re friends with him? I’m so jealous! He seems so cool.” I assure her he is. And she should be jealous. Hehe.

It must have been interesting for everyone to see us leave together as well.

He takes me home and we sit in the driveway for a while talking about jazz music and Cab Calloway (who just OOZES cool) and shit like that. I know he has a long drive home (he drives 45 minutes to work and back every day), so I give him a big hug and thank him for taking such good care of me and being so damn sweet. I give him a big kiss on the cheek. Which he thanks me for. Men apparently like to thank me when I kiss them. Well I AM pretty hot…a kiss from me is quite a gift. ~_^

We make a movie date for Tuesday since we’ll be at work together all morning. It’s just easier to go do things when we’re both there already. I wouldn’t want to make him drive all the way out here just to take me out…though I’m sure he would.

It was a really really good day.

Exercise: 8 hours at retail job





Comments on: "Alt date" (2)

  1. which film are you going to see?! my tiny local town is raising funds for a new theatre, one that specialises in the not-mainstream-kind-of-film. example: my company could sponsor 1940s film night. but the big new titles will also be available. i can’t wait to make my announcement about this at the blog. it should be coming this week and or when my new logo is finished being designed!

    oh yes, i hate curtains. i currently have gorgeous silk white curtains in my bedroom, but that’s only to block out potential peeping toms. i’d love a posh new york apartment with nothing on the windows whatsoever – high rise, of course – with exposed brick. oh, i cannot wait for the day!

    post a fucking picture of these gorgeous curtains, will you, please? 😀

    and yes, i’m super glad that you had a date with the good guy. i am cheering for him.

    • Oh he is ABSOLUTELY the sort of man who would go see a 40’s film in the theater with me!! And as much as I would LOVE that, alas, we are only going to see Avengers (because we are also both massive nerds. ~_^) I am going to check around to see if we have an option like that as it is a FABULOUS idea!

      Of course you’re cheering for him. He’s older, wiser, very chivalrous, takes good care of me, a true gentleman…hasn’t said (or not said) anything remotely stupid yet….#1 is younger and not as wise, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve a chance. He’s been having to win me back (which he has been trying VERY hard), but as you can see I’ve been going out with #3 far more often.

      I love you when you’re brash!!! ^_^ I tried taking pics this morning (after I fixed them, I AM a perfectionist and one was a couple inches shorter than the other) and the backlight from the window was atrocious! I will try again for you in the evening darling! I do love curtains, if its one thing I DO have in my living room right now, its Victorian-inspired curtains. Hehe. I am getting a loveseat and chair put in there today!

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