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Being away from my retail job I think is what killed me from eating for those 5 days.

I get very hungry while at work. Not so much while sitting at home feeling sorry for myself.

Not working is not good for me.

Being alone has worked the exact opposite way that I was afraid it would have. I was scared that my binging may go out of control with no one here to stop me. Instead, not eating at all dominates.

Also, I do work with G (PFH#3) a lot, and there’s no way I could look him in the eye and tell him I’m not eating. Hiding behind a computer is much easier.

I worked with him this morning. We’d planned a movie date for afterwards. I was very excited as it was a movie I really wanted to see (Avengers….I AM a huge nerd, remember this…its one of the biggest reasons G and I get along so goddamn well) and of course I always look forward to spending any amount of time with him.

I wish I could really convey to him what he means to me. I’m not certain that I’ve mentioned this, but he IS technically taken. To a woman he hasn’t seen in at least 10 years. Who is married (but apparently getting divorced…but I’m pretty sure she still lives with her husband?). I feel he deserves so much more. I’d like it to be clear to him as well that if we DO have sex, it’s simply that. I am not trying to steal him away from his girlfriend. I just feel he deserves to get laid by a really insanely hot, sexy, younger woman who wants to take care of him the way he takes care of her.

Remember, I am not normal and do not have normal ideas about sex.

I probably have problems.


Being that is was 5 AM when I had to get up, I figured a simple breakfast of 2 eggs and 2 pieces of toast would suffice just perfectly. This way, I could fit in a shower and make myself look as pretty and presentable as possible before walking at 6:30 to work. Lo and behold, it is raining when I step outside. Damn…I’ll have to drive anyway. This sucks as I have no gas. Ah well.


I had 2 cups of soup. One was tomato bisque and the other was chicken dumpling. Both very good options. Work makes me hungry and soup is a much cheaper, healthier option than some of the sandwiches and quiches and whatnot that we have.


I sorta screwed this up. It was still delicious, but it was supposed to be Apple Raisin Chicken on mashed potatoes, but it ended up being just Raisin Chicken (I forgot the apples somehow) on pureed potatoes (as you can tell they’re rather thin) and though it still tasted really good, I won’t bother posting the recipe until I make it properly. I’m certain if you look back through my posts you’ll find the recipe as I’ve made it before.


The movie was awesome and the company spectacular as usual. I know I’ve said this before, but there is NEVER lull in our conversation. He simply amazes me every time he opens his mouth. He knows this as I tell him all the time. We may go see another movie together soon. If nothing else, I will be making him dinner in 2 weeks when I get my kitchen table. I will be purchasing chairs for it this week.


Comments on: "Maybe its better for me not to have a week off" (4)

  1. I think I’ll join you in nerd-dom. The Avengers was something that, if I had the money, I’d watch another three times.
    It’s good you’re eating again. Soup always gets the job done.
    And pancakes!

    • PANCAKES!! That sounds amazing!!! Maybe in the morning I’ll make pancakes hehehe. Hell, maybe for dinner I’ll make pancakes…

      Okay okay, so all the girls talk about Captain America and how hot he is and blah blah…yeah sure, he’s cute. But of course the one that turns me on the most? Bruce Banner. A guy friend from work CALLED IT…he told me beforehand that Banner was going to be my favorite. He knows what I’m attracted to and just knew I would adore him. He was SO right.

  2. Stark is my second choice. Also extremely intelligent, SO hot, and wit as sharp as a bat’leth…which has an immense amount of sex appeal (which is of course why he’s quite the playboy). But I can never help but fall for the quiet, shy genius of someone like Banner. ^_^ The one everyone else overlooks. I find that just irresistible.

    THANK YOU FOR TALKING NERDY WITH ME JO!!!! You’re seriously the shit! Dude the last time I made pancakes weren’t they banana??? I think they were! You hit the nail on the head yet again!

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