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Sad (+ a fuckup)

I knew today was going to suck. So bad.

I miss G.

No one cool is going to be at work tonight (which is a short list that includes 4 people, PFH#2, PFH#3, one other guy and a cute chick I have a crush on), PFH#1 is leaving for NYC for a few days (there isn’t much I wouldn’t give to go with him), I have to rush order a project for someone, which means I have to have it done and sent before I go into my retail job, and I’m already depressed from being lovesick (again). I make myself eat breakfast.

Vienna Bread French Toast with caramel-style Blueberry Syrup

French toast made with eggs, milk, a little cinnamon and a little sugar. Syrup made with water, brown sugar, butter and blueberries. Indulgent! And gorgeous!


I had a PB&J sammich,  some cottage cheese, a banana and some raisins.


This is where I majorly fucked up. There was a bunch of that cake left over from the party yesterday. I knew it would still be there. I went in a little early just to have some. And baby, I SMASHED on it. I did not eat so much that I made myself sick, but I was depressed and stopped caring and it was free and there. I ate probably 5 pieces throughout the night AND had a cup of broccoli cheese soup from the cafe. I came home and had a little ice cream.

I will probably not be eating tomorrow as I am depressed.

I got home from work at 11:15 at night and have to be up at 5AM to be back there at 7.

Stupid stupid stupid.


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