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I went to work at 7 AM. Had to be up at 5.

I didn’t eat breakfast.

I walked to work.

I miss G. He’s not here today either.

I’m so tired. I sleep for my entire lunch break. I do not eat lunch.

I have a hard day. My anemia is in full swing. I black out constantly.

I walk home.

I get online. I tell G that if he suggests something for me to eat that night for dinner, I will eat it. Otherwise, I know I won’t bother. He’s one of like 2 people who could possibly get me to eat.

I also know that he doesn’t get on Facebook as often as other people do…he probably won’t see my message before I go to sleep.

I take a nap because I’m so tired.

2.5 hours later I wake up. I chat with PFH#1 a lot. He’s in NYC and is hating it. He doesn’t get to actually DO ANYTHING in New York but work related stuff. I would also probably want to kill someone if I was in NYC and couldn’t go to St. Marks and visit Trash and my favorite comic book store there…

I feel his pain and it makes me even more sad.

I go to bed at about 10:30.

G gets on at about 12:30 and suggests something for me. He feels bad that its so late. He shouldn’t feel responsible for me. He’s not. I just listen to him when I don’t listen to anyone else.

I don’t eat dinner.

I hate today.


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  1. Girl, I’m not gonna nag. But I sure do miss the pretty food pictures and your happiness on days like these. I prescribe hugs. Go hug something tightly and for a long while. And that’s the best advice that I can give (because I’m, all-in-all, pretty crap at it). Hope the next day is better.

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