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Time to make him feel as shitty and unimportant as he’s made me feel for the past 48 hours.

So PFH#1 finally says something to me after what seems like 2 full days of avoiding me.

I posted something on FB about how work was going to be just awful and I was not looking forward to it (because G wouldn’t be there…) and #1 writes me something in the chat.

I don’t even bother to look. I don’t care what he has to say. And if I look at the message, FB now shows that person that you’ve seen it. So I didn’t open the window. I don’t want him to think I give a shit right now. I’m TOO BUSY for you. Too busy to even look at your message. Sorry.

I go to work. Which sucked. I was bored. I was sad. I didn’t eat dinner. I wasn’t hungry. I did get a visit from a close friend, which was REALLY cool. That was the highlight of my night. Otherwise there’s nothing I wouldn’t have done to NOT be there. I felt….oddly lonely.

I come home at about 11:30 at night. I finally look at #1’s message. Just to show him I saw it (hours and hours later hehe). And then proceeded to show him that I am outright ignoring him by not replying. He wanted to know why my day at work was going to be so bad because it is very unlike me to complain about work. I will tell him. I’ll even tell him the truth. Later. I’m FAR too busy for him right now.

I also get a message from G.

He says the grill he wanted to get me (THANK GOD he did not already buy it for me, I thought he had!) didn’t have a lid. He says I need a lid. So he’s going to buy me a different one.

G!!! STOP TRYING TO BUY ME THINGS! You crazy son of a bitch…

I reply that he’d better not do this under threat of being bludgeoned by my pink metal alarm clock (only blunt object within grabbing distance), but I know he will not listen to me.


I get another message from #1 inviting me to the get together at his apartment that I had to plan a month in advance for this Saturday. He’s invited his ex as well. Which I expected he would, but I sense drama happening. I do not like this. I may be “too busy” for him on Saturday as well.

I’ll see if G would like to spend some REAL time with me instead.

I do not accept this FB invitation yet for Saturday. I do not plan on accepting until the last minute when I figure out whether I actually want to go or not. If I do go, it will not be the all out awesomeness I went as last time. I will definitely gussy myself up, but not to impress him. I will not show up early. I will not stay late.

I’m looking forward to staying up late on Wednesday after work instead…


Raisin Bran! ^_^


I was out of bread. So I went and got some multigrain clearance amazing bread. I made a PB&J sammich out of it, but did not take a picture.


No PFH#3, so no dinner. Too sad.

I hate how G affects my eating. Almost in the same way that I affect his…we’re going to be the perfect little eating disordered couple…  I won’t eat when he’s gone because I’m too sad. I won’t eat when he’s around because I’m too happy. I WILL eat when we go out. But I end up just picking at my food a lot. Too many butterflies. Too much laughing. Too much awesome conversation. And now HE won’t eat because he wants to look better. Very likely for me. Uhg. We need to calm down and have a damn cupcake…

Exercise: 1/2 hour of yoga, would have walked to work but it was raining really hard…bah

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  1. Uh oh… I had no idea that facebook notified persons with read receipts!!! 😀

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