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I eat a beautiful breakfast on my new kitchen table. I listen to some Nora Jones and watch the sun stream through my windows. It is such a beautiful morning.


Oatmeal with Greek Yogurt and Nectarine

I made half a cup of oatmeal with milk on my stovetop with a little honey. I put on a dollop of greek yogurt, sliced half a nectarine and laid it on top, and then finished it with another little drizzle of honey. What a perfect way to break in my new table. Something comforting, healthy, beautiful….and check out my gorgeous chairs!!


I gussy myself up. I want to be beautiful for him. I know he already thinks I’m beautiful…he tells me nearly every day…but I can’t help it. There’s nothing I want more right now than that man to continue to think I’m beautiful…

I get on my computer after I am done getting ready to see a completely FRANTIC message from him on FB.

I then realize he’s tried to call my Google Voice twice.

He says in the message that he can’t make it in time and he’s SO SO sorry…he has a leased car and didn’t realize the registration was up on it. He got lost on the way to the BMV and had to go all the way back home to get the correct directions. He wanted to call while he was lost but had no minutes on his phone. He added minutes. THEN he didn’t have my new number. So he called work to get my number. He left me 2 messages on there and one on Facebook. He apologized in each message like a hundred times.

I told him he is the sweetest, most considerate man I’ve ever met and that NO ONE has EVER cared about me that much to go through all that crap just to let me know they can’t make it. I told him he amazes me.

We actually chat online all morning.

We reschedule the movie for tomorrow. I wish I didn’t have to go to my brother’s that night. I would love to spend the evening with G. I’ll have more opportunities, its ok.

We talk until about 2:00 when he says he needs to ACTUALLY go to the BMV this time hehe. I let him go and make lunch.


Mushrooms, Tomato and Mozzarella Sandwich

I did not know what I wanted for lunch. G suggested a sandwich. So I made this since I actually had time to make something nice. I sauteed some mushrooms and sweet onion in olive oil and S&P for a while. I put that on some bread and added some sliced Mozzarella, fresh rosemary and fresh thyme. I threw it in the oven to let the cheese melt and toast the bread a bit. I took it out of the oven and added the tomato. Fantastic! I’d like to get fresh Mozzarella next time for this, but it was still really really good.


I change for work, but oddly enough I still want to be fancy and pretty…but not in the same outfit (no idea why). I walk to work in shorts and a t-shirt and change into a cute black and white polka dot top that is sleeveless and ties in a bow around my neck halter-style. I wear a high-waisted skirt to show off my tiny waist. I look fabulous. I get SO many compliments at work on how pretty I am. From other employees to customers. But there’s clearly only one compliment I’m waiting for.

As I am working, some random guy introduced himself to me. He tells me how beautiful I am and how much he likes my hair. He shakes my hand and leaves for a little while. He comes back and basically tries to sell me perfume (AT WORK!!!). I decline and mention that I am too poor for luxuries like perfume as I am getting divorced. (Whoops…shouldn’t have said that…). He insists on putting it on me anyway. He sprays one arm with something and rubs it in. Sprays the other arm with something else and rubs that in. All I could think the whole time is “You’re not G, don’t touch me like that…” and I hated it. He then proceeds to once again tell me how gorgeous I am and how beautiful my smile is and asks me for my number. I decline. He leaves.

I eventually make it back to the department that PFH#3 works in. He looks cute that day. I tell him that. He tells me I look beautiful, just like I always do. I go into a teenage giggling spell…uhg. Hehe. He goes on his break (as I am there to give him one) and when he comes back we have a WONDERFUL time chatting for a little while. I then mention something about random guy. I mention that he was clearly hitting on me and all touching up on me and I didn’t like it.


I’ve NEVER seen a man’s heart sink into his stomach like that. He was SO angry. I could tell that it took everything he had not to go ballistic and find this guy and tear him a new one.

I found a way to joke and lighten the mood back up. I left the department feeling absolutely fantastic. I went to give a break to the person in the cafe and the entire time I was stuck back there just had PFH#3 on my mind. I wanted to pick up the phone and make an announcement to everyone “Dear customers, I am madly in love with G_____ _____! That is all.” I want the world to know.

I have fallen completely head over heels for this man.

I have a cup of chicken noodle soup for dinner. I only eat this because I don’t want to disappoint him by not eating at all. The butterflies in my stomach consume me, but I have to eat.

The rest of the night goes wonderfully. I get to chat with him once more (as I had to give him another break) and he yells at me PROFUSELY for admitting that he’s the only one I allow to take me home at night. If he is not there, I walk home. I told him I’d recently turned down a ride from [girl at work I have a crush on] and he was so upset. I wanted to cry. He tells me I shouldn’t be alone at night because something bad will happen to me because I’m so beautiful and he’ll never ever forgive himself. He says he’s going to start making sure he is scheduled to close at work every time I am scheduled to close so I don’t do that.


Shit how can I complain about that?

We finish up our shift and leave together.

I don’t want to keep him too late. I do throw the offer out there that if he doesn’t want to drive all the way home, he doesn’t have to. Ever. If he is too tired, or just doesn’t feel like it, he doesn’t have to. My door is ALWAYS ALWAYS open for him. He is flattered. But of course, he says this night he is ok. I told him how I felt awful I did not offer this to him last time. Because I couldn’t imagine how responsible I would have felt had he gotten hurt from being too tired to drive.

So he knows now. He is always welcome. I think gauging  from his reaction…he will take me up on it at some point.

I give him a gigantic hug and hold him tight.

I go inside alone.

I can still smell him on my shirt from hugging him. I love the way he smells.

I am falling in love with him.

I miss him so much.

Exercise: 2 mile walk


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