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Added explinations

I’d like to point out something important.

I do realize I write a lot about my personal life on here. Since this is a blog about my every day eating habits as a recovering bulimic, my personal life seems to GREATLY affect how I eat.

Or don’t eat.

I just want everyone to understand exactly why I do what I do. I hope to instill warning signs for others with my habits. If anyone finds themselves in similar situations, I hope they can learn from my experience and make an educated decision on how they ought to react to their own situations and what life throws at them.

Maybe they can do better than me.

Your words of encouragement ALWAYS help though. Always. My life has turned into quite the odd story and I hope if nothing else you are entertained.

I am scared to death that he may see this though. TO DEATH.

I believe him entirely when he says he doesn’t want to invade my privacy and do not believe he would actively go looking for it. Once again, a true gentleman.


Comments on: "Added explinations" (2)

  1. I love your blog and it’s great you want to try to help people. You’re a huge source of inspiration on your road to recovery and i hope you never forget that 🙂 Plus he sounds amazing, does he have a brother?! 😉 xx

    • He does. ^_^ I’ve never met him. But if he’s anywhere near as fucking amazing and cool as G is, god help us all.

      I don’t understand why someone who loves food as much as I do goes the opposite way when confronted with issues. Why am I NOT eating to cope? Shouldn’t I be EATING to cope? Isn’t that what people who love food DO? I don’t understand me.

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