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Somewhat sad date day

I did not have breakfast. I knew he wouldn’t have any. So I didn’t.

While the day was wonderful (because any day being with him is wonderful) there were a couple of sad events.

He was sad for one.

I have a feeling I know what it was…I don’t want to get too far into it, but I think I know what it was.

All I could do was try my best to be with him and cheer him up. Which worked pretty well. Though I could tell his mind was wandering a LOT. Like, a lot lot.

I know it has nothing to do with me, but I can’t help but psych myself out. The movie was fun, he took me to get ice cream for lunch, vegetarian subs for dinner, and the event we went to later was a blast! So we really did have a great time. But on the way home, the way he talked, he was still a bit out of it. I already know whats up…I know they’re his own demons he has to fight and his own issues, but I can’t help but think that there’s SOMETHING I could do.

I want to fix him. I want to make everything ok. And I can’t. And it’s absolutely terrible.

I know he has to be at work at 8:30 AM, so I leave him with a short peck on the lips. We tend to….do that for a lot longer….and I knew he had to be home and he needs sleep badly at this point. So I did everything within my willpower to be quick so he could leave.

I love him.


Meatless Monday pressure

Got up at 8AM. 2.5 hours of sleep.

I have no time tomorrow to get this shit done, so I HAVE to do it today…

I promised a customer I would get an item done and sent to her so she could have it by Thursday. IT NEEDS TO BE DONE TODAY.

The library opens at noon. I need to stop there to print stuff. Then I have to walk 2.5 miles to get supplies for this item. Then walk 2.5 miles home. Then make it and send it before 5 PM when the post office closes.

Holy shit.

2 eggs and 2 pieces of toast (no butter) for breakfast because I PROMISED G I would eat breakfast…

Bang. That. Shit. Out.

I did it. I got it ALL done with a slight bit of time to spare even. AND time to chat on the computer with a beautiful, beautiful man.

No lunch. WAY WAY too busy to worry about lunch.


Creamy Tomato Mushroom sauce on Whole Wheat Penne

This was made with mushrooms, diced tomatoes, diced onion, garlic, olive oil, cream cheese, butter, chives, basil, dried oregano, S&P, a little water and cream cheese. Dear lord god please don’t ask me how much of each I put in, I have NO CLUE. This WAS super good though…


Tomorrow I have a big date. Out of town trip. We get lost ridiculously easily. So here’s hoping we get there in one piece!

Exercise: 6 mile walk (or so)

3 meals!!!

I had 3 meals today!

Granted, I only took pictures of 2 of them.

And then I actually had a second dinner and second dessert…

4 meals?

We eat so badly.


Strawberry Cream Cheese Crepes


Taken from:


1/2 cup flour
1 egg
3/4 cup milk
1/8 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon butter, melted


1. Mix everything in a large bowl.
2. Pour 1/4 cup of the mixture into a lightly buttered pan heated at medium.
3. Tilt the pan and turn so that the mixture evenly coats the entire bottom of the pan.
4. Cook the crepe until golden brown on the bottom, about 2 minutes.
5. Flip and cook the other side until golden brown.


Taken from:

1 (4 ounce) package cream cheese (softened)
1/4 cup icing sugar
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon lemon zest
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 cup heavy cream
1 batch crepes
4 tablespoons strawberry jam
2 cups strawberries (sliced)

1. Mix the cream cheese, icing sugar, lemon juice, lemon zest and vanilla in a bowl.
2. Whip the heavy cream and fold it into the cream cheese mixture.
3. Spread 1 table spoon strawberry jam onto a crepe.
4. Add 1/4 cup of the cream cheese mixture and some strawberries in the crepe, roll and serve.

I was out of milk and had no cream so I used greek yogurt instead. GREAT substitute! These were probably the best crepes I’ve ever made (save for those insane mango ones I made once…but these are better for you.)


I had a PB&J sammich for lunch and an orange.


Sausage and Veggies on Rice

1/4 lb ground Sausage
1/3 c Peas
1 small ear of Corn, cut off cob
Some Onion, diced
1/2 cup Mushrooms, sliced
Shredded Cheddar
Oh crap what did I put in this? Uhhh…OH YEAH
1 T Hoisin sauce
1 T Honey Mustard
A big shake of Cajun Seasoning
S&P to taste

*Yeah I just sorta cooked all that together and put it on some white rice. Once again, very very good! I don’t know how it was, but it was! I mean really good! Go me!!! I also had ice cream for dessert.

I had to walk to work/the post office at some point today. I of course choose to do it during the  convenient time when G will be getting off of work in an hour. I get to work and go to request a day off (date of course), and then go visit him in his department. The crazy bastard hands me his keys so if I want I can wait in his car for him to get off work. I walk a package to the post office, come back to work, throw my bookbag into his car and lay on the pavement listening to music bouncing along to the beat. (It’s such a nice night, I am not waiting in a car…hehe). He calls me “fascinating” as he approaches. I don’t know how…I’m just listening to music outside on a beautiful night…it’s nothing any normal person wouldn’t do, right?

We decide to get coffee at a 24-hour joint.

Coffee turns into us splitting a burger and fries.

2nd dinner turns into us splitting a brownie sundae.

We eat like absolute crap when we’re around each other. And then don’t eat at all when we’re not. Perfect eating disordered couple…

We go back to my place and chat in the car for hours as usual. Eventually we are all over each other and things are fucking amazing.

The end.

Oh he leaves at like, 4:30 AM. Luckily he doesn’t work in the morning. I wouldn’t have visited if I knew he had to get up early though. I’m considerate like that.

Exercise: 2.5 mile walk, 1/2 hour of yoga

Friends! (They don’t like it when you call them pistachio nuts)

Except me of course!

(In case anyone ever wondered, that is the song I got my name from!)

I ran a little late getting ready for my friend to come pick me up. He is one of my longest friends, one of my best friends. So we’re used to catching each other in some awkward situations.

Like when I have to answer the door in a towel.

Well if SOMEONE wasn’t distracting me on the computer, I would have been ready…~_^ Okay okay, so it was my own fault…I could have ignored him. But that’s just not happening. Ever.

I throw on some clothes, quickly clean up my flat (which my friend has a difficult time wrapping his head around the fact that my place MUST be clean BEFORE I leave it completely empty for a day) and head off to he and his fiance’s place for the day.

We proceed to become rather intoxicated for the rest of the day.

We watch a WONDERFUL movie called “Stranger Than Fiction”. Fantastic story and acting! I am normally not much of a Will Farrel fan, but this was an actual serious role for him. And it was GOOD!

Then we watched The Running Man. I haven’t done so much laughing since the last night I spent out of town with G.

After that was about 5 hours of Archer. CANNOT go wrong with that show! I’m also in love with Jon Benjamin. He’s got great eyes.

And of course the entire night I wished that G had enabled texting on his phone so I could drunk message him…

Thank fucking God he doesn’t have texting enabled on his phone.

I didn’t eat a whole lot. Being an any form of altered state normally does not leave me very hungry. I did finally eat a beautifully prepared vegetarian dinner provided by my amazing friend. She can cook rather well. When I got home I ate a small bowl of ice cream (as usual) and a few pieces of dried mango and a handful of raisins.

At about midnight I get a very sweet, beautiful phone call from a very sweet, beautiful man wishing me sweet dreams. He is just getting off of work and wanted to talk to me before going home… I am blown away at how wonderful he is. I realize I have been treated like shit by every boyfriend I ever had up until now.



Having breakfast at 3 AM throws you off a bit

I’m sorry.

We basically both agreed last night that breakfast was already had. And that neither of us was going to have an additional one in the morning.

So I didn’t have another breakfast.

I also woke up “late” for me, 8 AM.

I also sorta skipped lunch.

Just you know, I ate a LOT last night…I DID plan on eating some form of dinner all day. So don’t worry, I wasn’t TRYING to starve myself or anything. I just didn’t want to eat until I was legitimately hungry.

I spent my morning working from home. I left at 2:00 to go buy supplies and mail an item. I figured this trip would take me 2 hours.

It took 4.

I didn’t get home until 6:00. Jesus H. There goes my day.

So I made dinner:

Sausage Mango Ginger Couscous thing

Insanely roughly based on this recipe:

About a cup of leftover white or brown rice (I used couscous)
1-2 tsp coconut (or other) oil
2-3 tsp each minced garlic and ginger
1 tsp minced chili pepper (I used chili paste)
1/2 small onion, diced
Dash of ground or crushed coriander seeds
1/2 cup of frozen peas
1/2 mango, chopped
1/3 cup crumbled vegetarian sausage (I used real sausage)
Soy Sauce
Worcestershire Sauce
Fresh coriander to taste, chopped (I had none…)
ADDED: Sliced mushrooms and sliced yellow pepper

Heat oil in wok. Add garlic, ginger, pepper, and coriander seed; saute until fragrant. Add onions and cook until translucent before adding peas. Continue to cook until peas are just tender. Add sausage, mango, and rice and combine, tossing with soy sauce and Worcestershire until rice is just slightly colored and everything is heated through. Remove from heat and mix in fresh coriander; serve.

*This was ACTUALLY really really good. REALLY good. I can’t believe how well mango and sausage go together. Weiiiird…


Of course my mind has just been on him all day. I’m glad I ate though. I’m glad I’m doing ok. His eating habits are bad and weird too. He loves to tell me his calorie count for the day and he DOES IT RIGHT. He counts EVERYTHING. And then we get together and sort of…I dunno…go insane. And then don’t eat for 2 days. WE BOTH DO IT. 😦 Man….we’re no good for each other in that respect….

Not much else to say (Perfect evening)

I end up looking gorgeous.

I don’t eat breakfast or lunch. Too nervous.

When he gets there, he immediately tells me how beautiful I am and how distracting I’m going to be the entire night. I feel ridiculously good about myself.

We eat a lot. A lot lot. I don’t really want to get into how much I ate. It was all SO good though. Neither of us plan on eating much tomorrow, if at all, due to what we ate today.

We were incredibly affectionate all night. Verbally and physically.

I finally,



get my kiss.

Everything about the moment was perfect. He has FLAWLESS technique.


I have never been happier or more turned on in my entire life.

I do believe we are official.

3 Hours

I finish that project. I love getting my work done!

I eat about half a cup of cereal. My heart is never much into eating the day before a big date.

I start walking to my retail job and am a little late leaving my flat. Luckily, a fellow coworker who lives just up the street stops to pick me up and take me. He offers all the time, I hardly ever actually take it. I will make an exception so I can make myself presentable and have a tiny speck of time with G before having to work myself.

I run back to his department and throw my arms around him. It always feels as though I haven’t seen him in forever. We chat for just a couple minutes…I actually DO have to get to work. I get 3 whole hours with him today.

He just so happens to be leaving while I am on my last break. I run to him in the breakroom and give him another huge hug (in front of another coworker even…who finds the attack irresistibly “awww”able!). We plan a time to meet tomorrow for our concert date. I am SO VERY excited! I hold him tight one last time before having to go back to work.

Before I leave, I get the most amazing compliment from a coworker, completely out of left field.

“I don’t know what you and G are to each other, but I do know that he is SO MUCH HAPPIER since you’ve been in his life…”

I wanted to cry. Has he been showing his happiness that much? So much that others have taken notice? I feel honoured.

I leave and go shopping. I had a dress picked out, but when I put it on, I ended up not liking it much…and for $40 I’d better LOVE that dress.  If I look at myself in it and am not in awe of my own beauty whilst wearing it, it is not worth purchasing.

I go to the store next door and after an EXTENSIVE search find a very similar Rockabilly style dress, same colors and pattern, for $20. HALF the price I was going to pay for the other one. And I look stunning in it. I buy it.

I head to Victoria’s Secret and buy 2 lotions and a body spray. One of the lotions is for a close friend whom I will mail it to soon. I decide on a White Nectarine Peony lotion and a Starfruit White Orchid body spray for myself.

I walk home, throw my bookbag on the floor, take out my dress to hang, and RUN to my brother’s house as I am about an hour late. Did it take me THAT LONG to find a dress?

I do my nails. I temporarily forget what color my dress is (navy blue? black?) and do my nails the wrong color. Which ends up being okay because I fucked them up on the way home somehow anyway. Bah. VICTORY watching Food Network Star as the person that I just KNEW was going to win from the beginning actually ends up winning.

So tomorrow is going to consist of 3 very important things:

1) Find Rockabilly heels. If none can be found, wear $100 nude heels that were purchased for London trip but never worn. (The ones that make my legs look a mile long.)

2) Buy teal nail polish. Re-do nails.

3) Kiss G.

I do not have dinner. I’ve been so busy and, of course, so very very nervous.

Exercise: Probably about a 3 mile walk when you piece it all together.

Food budget might be crying a little today

I spent an extra $20 today for food.

I try not to spend more than $50 a month on food for my home. (If I go out or take someone out, this does not count, I count that toward a “restaurant and entertainment” budget.) Right now I think I am at $58. This makes me incredibly sad. But I splurged on a couple of food items to make certain that I WOULD EAT.

I bought basil, on clearance still yes, but not something I absolutely NEED right now. I. Love. Basil. Especially fresh basil.

I bought a box of couscous for $3. It was not on a sale. I just wanted couscous. I adore it.

I decided I was going to make a pesto with all that basil. Pesto is my absolute favourite. I have to make good, quality pesto every time. This means buying pine nuts.

I splurge another $5 on pine nuts. THAT my friends, is a lot of money.

I mean to work a lot when I get home. I get somewhat distracted online……okay VERY distracted online. ~_^

Happy, wonderful distractions, but distractions nonetheless.

I still get plenty done, just not as much as originally planned.

It’s alright, I can get things done tomorrow if need be. No rush on this project at the moment.




I went to a local market to pick up bread. While I was there I sampled a bunch of cheese, sausages, breads, and dips. I considered that lunch. And it was free. Gotta make up for spending all that extra money somehow…


Creamy Basil Pesto on Angel Hair

Pesto sauce:

1/8 c Olive Oil
1/8 c Water
A handful of fresh Basil
10 Mint leaves (or so…)
3 T Cream Cheese
1/3 T Butter, melted
Half a handful of Pine Nuts plus more for garnish
S&P to taste

Blend all of this up in a food processor. Serve on angel hair pasta and garnish with a few more pine nuts. My undying  favourite! I’ve done a lot of cooking but nothing compares to a well made, fresh pesto!

I’m going to try and finish his project tomorrow before going into work I think. I need to go shopping immediately after work for a Rockabilly dress for my date, then my brothers for girly nail time/Food Network Star finale with my sister in law. So I’d rather just get this done with early to have my evening to myself.

Exercise: 5 mile walk


This whole having to open at work after being up till 3 AM has sort of got to stop.

But really it doesn’t.

I had no breakfast.

I went to work. No G. Lucky bastard gets to sleep in. He doesn’t have to be here till 3:15.

I was happy though. Very very happy.

I cannot remember what I had for lunch. Soup of some sort I’m sure. Hopefully without meat. Or maybe I did not have lunch. I very honestly can’t remember.

I get to see G for a total of 5 seconds as he is late. Typical. ^_^

He brings me a cupcake. Because he knows the way to my heart and uses it well. You guys don’t even know.

I walk home and finish a project. I wanted to mail it out by a certain time but this does not happen. It will have to be mailed tomorrow.

I make dinner. (I actually HAVE dinner…that’s good.)

Chickpea Salad

REALLY easy. Add chickpeas into a bowl. Add corn cut off the cob. Add yellow peppers and onions, diced. Add a carrot, sliced. Add a little apple cider vinegar, ginger dressing, dried parsley and basil. This was really cool and refreshing on a hot summers day! GREAT!

I go nerd out at the movies with my brother and sister in law. We go to the 25th Anniversary TNG 2 episode screening. It. Was. Amazing.

Day off work tomorrow, but not off of business work. I have to get a major project finished. It’s always something right? When will I ever get a REAL day off? (Maybe Thursday?)

Exercise: 7 hours at retail job, 4 mile walk

Unexpected dates are the BEST dates

Today for some reason started off with a great breakfast. (I know, wtf right?)


Buttermilk Peach Pancakes with Blueberry Syrup

I used AB’s buttermilk pancake recipe, added peaches, and made a simple syrup with equal parts water and sugar and added blueberries. Yup. They were defuckinglicious. I like it when I manage to not fuck up pancakes.

I got a bunch of work done. I was getting picked up for this damn shower at about 2:30 as the actual shower was at 3. I know G gets off work at 4……hm…..I wonder if he plans on stopping by again….I decide to leave him a note telling him that I REFUSE to miss him twice and that if he DOES see the note to come rescue me from this baby shower. I give him detailed directions and tape it to my door. JUST in case…

I KNOW he wants to see me…

My ride arrives and I leave.

The shower wasn’t terrible. There was lots of good food and cake. Yummy yummy cake. With fondant. I LOVE that shit. I know everyone else hates it. But nothing is too sweet for me. SOOOOO good!

And there weren’t too many silly baby games or anything like that.

But I still kept an eye out JUST in case…

3 hours later, the lady who took me wanted to leave. I figured if he got off at 4 and wasn’t there by 5, he probably didn’t get my note. So I figured it was as good a time as any to leave.

About 2 blocks away from my flat I see him going the opposite direction in his car. I whip around yelling “OH SHIT!” and it scares the bajeebuz out of my driving coworker. I assure her its nothing she’s done, its just that G just passed us and I KNOW where he is going and I need to stop him. She offers me her phone, but I don’t know his number. I have to just get home, find his number, and hope to god his phone is on…

I rummage through old conversations between us on Facebook until I realize he just called me a couple weeks ago and the messages are still in my Google inbox since I have a Google Voice phone number. I find it. I call. He answers. THANK GOD!

I let him know I was taken home and am not there. He asks if he should meet me here at my flat. I say yes. We hang up. I have a certain satisfaction in all of this that he DID want to see me and he DID stop by unannounced. I grab a book and wait outside.

He shows up. We go out for coffee. And talk and talk and talk. We go to the car to find dinner but before leaving talk and talk and talk. At one point I need to assure him that I am HIGHLY attracted to him, physically, mentally, the whole package. I hold his hand as I do so. We lose track of time. It is late. A lot of restaurants will not be open this late on a Sunday. We settle on an extremely unhealthy, but very good, 24-hour joint. We go there. And eat. And talk and talk and talk. I have a burger, accidentally breaking my vegetarian streak for the rest of the month. Ah well. At least its not Monday.

We talk too much.

He decides at 10:30 that maybe we should head back to my place so he can drop me off.

We go back.

And sit in the car and talk and talk and talk.

At one point I am completely snuggled up against him, holding his hand and making myself comfortable. He asks out of nowhere “….are we crazy?” I love this question. Its so beautiful. I assure him of course that we are, but that’s okay with me. He likes this. I am happier than I have ever been in my life than in this moment.

We talk until 2:30 AM.

I finally let him go, even though he protested. ^_^ I give him a hug. I am too shy to kiss him even though I’d like that more than anything.

I sleep so very happy. I think we are a couple now.

I ate too much today. Far too much. I won’t have breakfast.