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My date with G lasted 12 hours. 2 PM – 2 AM.

I can’t even describe how much fun I had or how much I love being around him. I laughed so much my cheeks hurt from smiling. Nothing compares to how he makes me feel when he’s close to me.

At one point he said something amazing like he always does and in response I said “I love you…” He said the same to me.

I put my head on his shoulder and told him he was my favorite person in the world. He laid his head on mine and said I was his.

I’m certain there couldn’t have been a more sincere or adorable scene…

I gave him a long hug and a kiss on the neck and told him to drive safe.

I went to bed more content than I have in a long time. I slept 3 and a half hours. I woke up smiling, ready as ever to start a new day.

I made a wonderful breakfast (that I shared with a friend who helped me move my bookcases) of Peach Ginger muffins, but forgot to take a picture. I did not have lunch as I was too nervous about my date. I also did not take a picture of the pizza G and I shared while we were out. I was too excited to be around him to think of it. We both “went crazy” and had 3 slices of pizza each. I enjoy that that’s our idea of going crazy with food.

I am elated.



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  1. Awww, so cute! πŸ™‚ xx

  2. Oh dear lovely girl, I am so happy to be reading this post! I have been savouring it for a few hours now! … and it was well worth the wait. Isn’t it amazing to realise that we forget to do such regular things like snap photographs… and even to “EAT” when we are in love? Remember when I didn’t eat all day on Saturday until 8pm? Yes, it was love. I very much feel your heart pitter pattering, and I’m so excited for you. I better be a bridesmaid. πŸ™‚

    • I’m glad someone else understands! My nervousness just goes crazy on me…I mean…it’s not like I’ve never been out with the man before. But I feel like I’m going to puke right before each time he comes to get me because I’m so very nervous. I literally shake like a friggin’ leaf.

      I’m going to marry him someday. ^_^

      Ah love! How ass-backwards you treat us! It’s nice in a way to see someone else also has the misfortune of foregoing food when they are in love…what made you finally eat?

  3. *** The meal of that night was spaghetti strands of zucchini! To be presented in tomorrow’s WIAW, so stay tuned!!! πŸ˜€

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