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I spent the entire day lost in my head.

It was such a good place to be, I couldn’t leave.

I walked 11 miles total today. I had so many errands to run and no car at the moment. So I just put on some music, went into my head and walked. It was a wonderful way to get a lot of my daydreaming out of the way.

I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I cannot get him out of my head.

I walked to work at about 4:30. I just stared off into space the entire 6.5 hour shift. I would smile the entire time though. Occasionally I would giggle out loud.

I realized at around 9:30 how tired I’d actually become. Lack of sleep is starting to catch up…

No one ended up offering me a ride home though, so I walked. (I didn’t tell G this time, he would be too upset…)

The night was perfect and I daydreamed all the way back home.

I left my computer open and on my bed just in case G wrote me. I sent him a picture of my legs casually hanging out my bedroom window at about Midnight (we’d discussed how I do this the night before and I’d mentioned I had a picture of it). I fell asleep. He wrote back at 1 AM and it woke me up. We had a wonderful giggle-filled conversation until 2 AM. He called me amazing twice. I’m fairly certain that is our code for “I am batshit crazy about you.”

Only he could keep me up until 2 AM being as incredibly tired as I was. I would sometimes fall asleep in between messages. The chat noise would always wake me back up though. He’d said he also had very little sleep the night before. The shit we put ourselves through just to talk to each other is ridiculous…

I have one picture…Breakfast:

Raisin Bran.


I’d somehow gained quite an appetite in between breakfast and lunch. I had a PB&J sammich, about half a cup of cottage cheese, a small plum and a little leftover lemon buttercream frosting that is somehow still sitting in my fridge from when I made those cupcakes weeks ago.


Cup of Tomato Bisque soup from work.


It has been an incredibly good day.

Exercise: 1/2 hour of yoga, 11 mile walk, 6.5 hours at retail job

Comments on: "Daydreaming on a Meatless Monday" (3)

  1. Nicole Marie Story said:

    I need to see an updated photograph of you.
    This healthy diet + your monstrous exercise + the pretty description of your legs somehow leads me to believe that MissPistachio has lost weight.
    I am keeping tabs on you!!!
    I am hereby the MissPistachio Police. 🙂
    But if being super thin (ner than you already were when we met) is healthy for you, tell me to shut the fuck up. Because I shall accept it. 😀
    And Happy Independence Day.

    • Haha noooo being super thin is definitely a bad thing! I lose my boobs, I lose my butt, and I lose my confidence when I’m too thin! I’m better today, a friend took me out to dinner and we made cookies afterwards! A GREAT night! I do miss G an awful lot of course…I always do. I would do anything to have him here now…

      Happy Independence Day to you too doll!

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