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Happy Independence Day!

The day started great and ended with me eating a ton of crap.

Not a binge, but not good either.

I ate 2 eggs and 2 pieces of toast for breakfast knowing that I was going to Outback Steakhouse with a very close girlfriend of mine later in the evening.

I worked all day on an order (which I was very proud of myself for). I ate half an apple for lunch. (The apple wasn’t very good, so I just threw the other half out.)

I’d already resigned myself to the fact that I was eating half of one of those goddamn Bloomin’ Onions when I got there. Which I did. My friend and I actually shared a steak dinner. I ate a side with mixed veggies and half of a 6 oz steak.

Then I took her out for ice cream (because ice cream is one of my biggest weaknesses.) I had a waffle cone with a scoop of Blueberry Cheesecake and a scoop of Chocolate Peanut Butter. (Yup, totally gross combo, TOTALLY what I wanted!!!)

Then we went to her house to make cookies.

They were pretty small, I ate 6 of them. They were little carrot cake sandwich cookies. So I’m counting each side of the sandwich as a cookie. So TECHNICALLY I only had 3. See what I mean?

I poked at the cookie dough a lot too though because I love cookie dough. So all in all I probably had more like 7 hehe.

When I got home I finished off the little bit of lemon frosting I still had left (only maybe like, 3 spoonfulls).

And that was it.

I mean, when I write it here, it actually doesn’t seem all that bad.

But damn, this was sort of a food fail today.

I certainly didn’t eat to the point of hurting and nowhere near the point of wanting to puke, but I’m still a bit disappointed in myself. I DID have a TON of fun with my friend though. She used to kind of be in love with someone else in the same department at my work, so she knows who G is and thinks its FABULOUS that I’m in love with him and loves hearing about him. She is in love with a schizophrenic right now.

If we don’t both have issues, I don’t know who does.

I am sorry I have no pictures. I tend to not snap pics of the terrible food I am practically binging on.

Weirdly enough, it was a good, productive day with good friends and really good (bad) food.

And I am looking forward to tomorrow morning with great anticipation.

Comments on: "Independence from healthy food day" (2)

  1. Hey, I don’t think today was a fail, because life is for living, and part of living is having a blowout here or there when you absolutely have to enjoy food you normally wouldn’t touch! Our bodies know how to even it all out. They’ve been doing it for millions of years – it will be okay 🙂
    My best friend has schizophrenia – she is compliant with her meds, and perfectly okay. You wouldn’t know it meeting her somewhere. She’s in uni, doing nursing and doing really well – 2 deans awards so far this year. So your friend being in love with a schizophrenic doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a worrying thing 🙂
    Best of luck for your date with G 😉 xxx

    • Hehe I’m not so much worried about her dating a schizophrenic as I just find it ironic that the people we seem to fall in love with always just have SOMETHING odd about them…we can never pick someone “normal”. And I think this is great. ^_^

      I think my body will be ok, it always gets kinda sick and upset after every time I eat greasy, gross food. It teaches me to only do that every once in a great while. I learn to manage my crappy food intake well. And after I have it, I don’t want it again for a long time. I will be ok.

      I will probably want to throw up before my date on Wednesday though. God you should see how nervous I get…I start hyperventilating, sweating, my stomach does these insane somersaults…you would think I was seeing him for the first time. But then once he’s there, everything is fine. And I’m myself. And we laugh about everything. ^_^

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