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I sold enough stuff to buy tickets to the event for both me and G on Wednesday.

I asked him what section he wanted to be in. He of course at first tried to suggest the less expensive sections. I asked him to tell me which one he WANTED to be in, not the ones he thinks he SHOULD ask for…and from what I remember, he WANTED the slightly more expensive seats…

So he admitted to wanting the better seats and suggested a more CORRECT area for me to purchase tickets in.

I’m glad he doesn’t fight me. When I want to pay for something, I WILL PAY FOR IT. I understand men want to pay for things, its not meant to be sexist or imply that we can’t afford it or whatever. They just genuinely want to pay. But in some cases when I want to make someone happy and do something nice for them, I am glad it’s not frowned upon or fought against. He’s a good guy.

He insists on making it up to me somehow though.

We make dates for 2 more out of town trips and a movie.

I couldn’t be more happy or excited.

I was invited to dinner at a friend’s house tonight! I mentioned to him that it was Meatless Monday (because I do actually take this very seriously) and he said it will be NO PROBLEM for his wife to cook both a meat and a veggie option for tacos! She normally does anyway when she has guests! YAY!

I mention to G at some point during our conversation as well that it is Meatless Monday. He says he had vegetarian spaghetti for lunch and planned on buying fresh veggies for dinner, so he was already following it.

Did I mention I fucking adore the shit out of him?


I had a bowl of Raisin Bran. I did not take a picture because it was boring.


Tomato with Harry David Sweet Pepper Relish mixed with Cream Cheese on Mountain Bread

Damn. Just…….damn.


VEGETARIAN TACOS!!! Soooooooo good! I had 2 tacos and some nachos! Everyone was INCREDIBLY curious to hear about G….maybe its because I get all shy and look at the ground a lot when I talk about him. I think people find it cute. Uhhhhg. We watched Bob’s Burgers, Doctor Who and THEN they made raspberry chocolate cupcakes!!!!!! They were frostingless, but that’s okay, I really don’t need the extra calories anyway. I ate like 4 of them. Best. Night. Ever. ONE THING could have made it better. Otherwise it was the perfect evening with perfect friends!

I’m glad I ate well tonight because the next couple days are going to be a bit sporadic and unpredictable with food…I don’t know how I’m going to feel. So I might not eat a lot. I’m already getting plenty nervous.

Telling someone you love them for the first time is the most terrifying thing in the world. I’ve never been so paralyzed with fear in my entire life.

Exercise: 5 mile walk

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