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So I didn’t do the breakfast thing. It was probably those 4 cupcakes that made me shy away from it. I was just not interested in food this morning.

Also nervous.

I got an early start on work. Finished a project. Started another. Finished that. Walked both to the post office. Purchased shorts that actually sort of fit/look good. (The ones I had were far too big and looked stupid and I was tired of wearing them, but my legs REALLY need some sun…and while these are still a little big, the rise is good and the length is perfect and I can always take them in at the waist a little if need be.) Purchased hair dye (which I actually ended up not even using…I had half a bottle at home already).

As soon as I got home I went to the basement and took pictures of one of my projects to be sold in my online store. While down there I heard my Facebook IM noise go off multiple times from upstairs. I knew it was either A) An ex-boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend that I talk to on a very regular basis or B) G.

As it turns out, it was both.

G demanded to take me out to dinner tomorrow before the event and asked me what time he ought to come pick me up. I enjoyed that the dinner part was not a question, but a statement. “I am taking you out to dinner.” He’s gaining confidence. I like that. Confidence is exceedingly sexy.

We decided that 4:45 would be a good pick-up time. The restaurant is a surprise.

Now I start officially freaking out.

I kind of sort of had a plan as to when I wanted to tell him my feelings…but this throws a slight wrench into that. Don’t get me wrong, more time with him is wonderful and I want it more than anything. I just need to figure all of this out before tomorrow.


Didn’t happen.


PB&J and about 1/3 cup cottage cheese


I somehow did okay with this part.

This was just potatoes, broccoli, artichoke hearts and black beans sauteed with a bit of butter, S&P, and mixed with peach salsa and sour cream. I topped it with a bit of feta. I don’t know what you would call it, except really really good. Haha! SO much food, I didn’t end up eating all of it. So today was sort of Meatless Tuesday. I like that!


I re-dyed my hair so I look pretty. It always takes hours for me to dye my hair as I have to bleach my roots first, then dye it, and I always leave the dye in for at least an hour…if not an hour and a half. The process is just incredibly complicated and time-consuming…it’s no wonder I tend to neglect it for long periods of time. But man does it look stunning right after I do it.

I have a dress and shoes all picked out. My dress has one of those amazing plunging necklines which I can get away with easily as I have no boobs. I will be re-painting my nails a bright glittery red. There is nothing I wouldn’t do to look as beautiful as possible for him.

I am excited. I am nervous. But….I’m starting to have a little more confidence that everything will be alright. It’s a weird feeling…not quite calm, but not completely panicked ether. The more I think about things he’s said and done the more convinced I am that he is in love with me as well. Things will be fine.

He is no longer a number. Instead of “PFH#3” I now hope he will simply be “PFH”.


Exercise: 5 mile walk

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  1. SO let me ask you this, WHY must marriage be the goal? You strike me as SO liberal and fun, yet marriage is so boring and old school!!! Why must you involve the Church and or State? And I’m dying to see a recent photograph of you because you have added so much physical activity + cut back on food. I know you hate your skinnier YOU, but I think that you must have lost 10 pounds since our last meeting (although you were skinny then), but just from the blog perspective, your food + exercise then v. now is totally different. Do you agree? Or do you disagree with this analysis?

    • It’s not a goal persay, just a manner of explaining the level of dedication I have for the people I want to be with. We could live together for the rest of our lives without that piece of paper for all I care. It clearly is nothing BUT a piece of paper (as how my ex-husband treated it) so honestly it’s just a phrase to show “I would like to be with this person for the rest of my life” and people understand that as marriage.

      To be completely truthful, I liked being married. Very much.

      I have lost 10lbs since you last saw me. I’ve not actually weighed myself, but my clothes hang off of me as though I have lost about that much weight. I will bring my camera tonight and see if I can get G to take a picture of me for you. He loves photography, I think he would adore that. ^_^ I also just re-dyed my hair and look fanfuckingtastic.

      My exercise is still about the same. It’s just that the gym has been replaced with walking everywhere instead. Hehe. WHICH I need to go do now! I have to go to the bank and stop at work to take yet another day off for another out of town date!

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