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The weirdest part about my marriage: When asked why I loved my ex-husband, I never had a reason or explanation. Because in the end all it came down to (and the only reason anyone likes him at all) is he’s a good drinking buddy.

So when I stopped drinking so much, I stopped liking him.

If you asked me the reasons I like G so much, I could ramble for DAYS. There’s quite literally a thousand really excellent reasons that he’s utterly amazing.

And he adores me.

I don’t even know what to say right now. I’m literally speechless.

I’m NEVER speechless.

Everything went so wonderful. So perfect. He took me to one of my favorite restaurants. Where he proceeded to be adorable. The event that we went to was MARVELOUS! I cannot even WAIT to go to the others we have planned! We snuggled a little while we watched it. He consistently calls me stunning and amazing. I feel just….on top of the world.

Please don’t tell me this is all a dream. Please dear God let it not be a dream.

Breakfast: None.

Lunch: None.

Dinner: Salad, breaded catfish, and broccoli. For dessert we split a piece of chocolate cake. For some reason when I got home 7 hours later I was still ravenous (can’t imagine why hehe), so I ate those 2 leftover slices of pizza still in my fridge from our last date. I miss him so bad. I’ve never missed anyone the way I miss him.

He talked about points in his life when he was just so lonely. I’ve never experienced true loneliness in my life. I don’t know what that’s like, but it just sounds so devastatingly awful. I hope he never ever has to be lonely ever again.

Exercise: 4.5 mile walk, 1/2 hour of yoga

Comments on: "I AM the luckiest girl in the world." (1)

  1. You are definitely awake, unless I’m a product of your dreams too 😉
    It sounds like you were young and naive when you married first husband, I’m glad you are finding out what true love is like now. And it sounds definitely mutual.
    I don’t think it’s just luck though! It’s YOU – he loves you for good reason 🙂 xx

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