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I didn’t get a lot of it last night. Which I really don’t care about…

So I got it in the afternoon.

Then a ton of it at night.

I don’t like sleeping. I miss out on life while I just lay there doing nothing. I fucking hate it.

I had half a pot of coffee and was on my way to work at 6:30AM.

I was able to wake up after 3 hours of sleep without much issue mainly because I was so excited about seeing G at work.

He was 45 minutes late to work.


Well, to his credit he thought he was scheduled for half an hour after he was SUPPOSED to be there. So he was under the impression that he was only 15 minutes late. I knew when he was supposed to be there. He should have asked me as I tend to know his schedule better than he does…

Don’t worry, he’s still got a job. Everything is fine.

I see him TEAR into the parking lot, which was adorable. Then I romp up to unlock the door, throw my arms around him and tell him “You’re late…” giggle at him, then run inside. (I’m very odd…this makes him really happy though and he can’t stop giggling himself.)

I love what he forgets. I explained this to him. The fact that he admits he’s flighty and has his head in the clouds a lot. That’s BEAUTIFUL to me. It’s so gorgeous. I love the things he remembers (like when I ask him details about dumb things, he remembers those) and I love the things he forgets (like how he passes by the driveway to my apartment EVERY TIME he goes there).

I did eat a little at work.I had a cup of tomato soup. When I got home I also had a sandwich and a little cottage cheese, so all in all I had a good lunch

I get asked to work the next morning, just for a few hours to help with some extra work. G will be there in the morning. So I agree.

I go tell him this after I clock out for the day. He is quite happy. He also makes sure I remembered to take yet ANOTHER day off of work for another date with him. DONE AND DONE! I head straight to the office and do this. Then I walk home and crash.

I sleep for 2 hours.

I make an actual meal.


Peach Yogurt Chicken

OK I need to try to do this. This was good. REAL good.

4 oz Chicken
Yellow Peppers
Whatever was still good off of the 3 peaches I had (some sliced some pureed into the sauce ingredients below)
1/4 cup Greek Yogurt
1 t Garam Masala
1t Curry Powder
1/4 t Cardamom
1 squirt of Honey Mustard
Big dash of Soy Sauce
Dash Lemon Juice

I sauteed the chicken and veggies in some olive oil. While those were cooking, I put together the sauce ingredients into a food processor. (Don’t forget to add some of those peaches into it!) I blended it up until smooth, added it to the saucepan and added fresh sliced peaches as well! Served it up right! YES!!!!!!!!!!!! So very good!

I did end up eating a bunch of chocolate chips for dessert as I am out of ice cream. I need to remedy this problem as being out of ice cream causes me to eat very unhealthily. If that makes sense…..I get a good easy sugar fix with ice cream and its really not all that bad for you at all. When I don’t have it, I go for the next sweet thing in my freezer which is chocolate chips right now. Grrr….must fix this tomorrow…

Then I conked out at like 10. Bah….I hate not being conscious. It blows.


But every day that I get to even look at him let alone get to touch him at all is a good day.


Exercise: 4 mile walk, 6 hours at retail job



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