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My brother got me plastered for the first time in many many months.

I really really needed it as I had a completely shitty day.

It started amazingly with a big huge hug (and kiss on the cheek) for G as soon as he got to work. If I could start off every morning like that, I would. I hope to someday.

I had to give the girl in the cafe a break. OF COURSE during that time I had to make G a coffee…I was so nervous that I was going to fuck it up, it was completely ridiculous. Once again, visibly shaking. Only he can do that to me. He told me it was wonderful. I’ll bet he was just being nice…

Then I find out that a customer complained about me the day before.

I don’t know exactly what happened, but I apparently ignored someone at the cash register? I don’t know how this happened as I didn’t ring anyone out all morning. But I felt like some terrible awful person. The manager that the man complained to wasn’t even the one who told me this (because he knows its total bullshit, I would NEVER ignore a customer)…another employee overheard the conversation and let me know. I felt like shit. On top of that I spilled soup all over my shirt. Now I feel like shit AND look like shit. Fantastic.

I tried to put some things away for G in his section because he was busy and looked like he might need the help. I let him know I might have fucked it up because I can’t seem to do anything right that day. I was clearly on the verge of tears. He did his best to make me feel better. He’s so sweet.

Twice he did announcements overhead for a sale they were having in his department. He’s especially good at these because his voice is cute. They always make me smile.

Before I left I told him that he was the only thing to make me smile all day.

As soon as I got home, I remembered that my brother had some friends in town that I really like. I asked if I could come over and hang out.

This day then turned from crappy to spectacular.

Things that make my family/friends AMAZING AS FUCK:

1) Portland VooDoo Doughnut Bacon and Maple beer
2) Bourbon
3) Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Chunk Ice Cream
4) Space Fluxx (that I won with a Hitchhiker’s Guide hand)
5) Stopping everything to have a robot dance breakdown in the middle of a Daft Punk song
6) Star Trek Story Record that a character yelled “DIE, SOCIAL MISFIT!” in
7) Asian food
8) Friend wearing “Inspector Spacetime” shirt
9) Brother doing his version of what he thinks the Monster Mash is while playing a “Sounds of Terror!” record they purchased earlier that day

I could go on and on and on about how fucking amazing they are.


I wandered home and got on my computer. G had left me a message but was not actually ON at the time. This saddened me but I also realized it was for the best as I was really really drunk and would have probably said….things. I left him a couple messages about my evening and passed the fuck out.

I wished he was there the entire night.

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